Feb. 13th, 2009

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Just back from mind blowing conference at the British library on recording our Digital Lives. Twittered the whole thing (look ma, I'm so hip) only to discover Tweeting by text doesn't work any more, so none of it saw light of day! bah! Redacted version to follow but in meantime..

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Strangely, also something I've discussed a bit last few days..
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"BBC’s ‘Dragons’ Den’: Call for Entrepreneurs

The BBC are working on a new series of the award winning “Dragons' Den”. They are looking for business ideas, inventions or products with serious business potential that are investment ready and looking for funding.

As demonstrated by the investments in the last six series, ideas, businesses and products that meet some or all of the following criteria stand a good chance of securing the Dragons’ interest:

• The Unique Selling Point: a product that serves a need like nothing else.
• Scalability: something that can be up scaled to make real money.
• Route to Market: the clear way the product can be sold and marketed.
• Mutually Beneficial Arrangement: just what will the Dragons get out of it?
• Exit Strategy: a plan of how the entrepreneur/Dragon will exit and make money.

The BBC is currently searching for Britain’s best entrepreneurs and will be auditioning throughout the coming months. Those wanting to apply can do so via email to
dragonsden@bbc.co.uk or by visiting the website www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsden

If you have any further questions, please contact Julann Smith, Assistant Producer, at Julann.Smyth@bbc.co.uk or call 020 8576 1194."

Go on, even if you haven't got any figures, a working model or a sexy patter, what brilliant idea would you like to shove in the face of all those wankers on dd? tell me and I promise to help you patent it for a small fee:)
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He's thickened round the middle like a woman who's had too many children. But the voice hasn't gone.

Between this and the 80s edition of Being Human it's been a nostalgic night..


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