Mar. 3rd, 2009

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Camping (it up, just for [ profile] moral_vacuum  )not in pub in Broomhill nor cafe in Eccleshall Road this time, but in ex flatmate's!! Where there is not only (up side) wi fi and catch up Virgin TV but (downside) freezing and no food. May have to relocate to Coffee Revolution in a minute:)

Ah the joy of  on demand TV after a week without!!! (Have TV but only terrestrial and C4 a bit dodgy and no taping facilities. AND NO BBC3. Lovely [ profile] dougs  is bringing me Being Human at t'weekend!!) Have just caught Masterchef final (knew it was going to be Matt, but OMG can we ritually kill the judges now?) Have also just discovered last ep of something called The Old Guys which appears to be Peep Show channelled via two, er, old guys (but sound like identical lines to young version really) but also featuring woman with funny voice from IT Crowd! ! Win!!  Why has no one told me about this? Am I last person in universe who still watches TV I begin to think??

[ profile] julia_winolj has been utter star and sorta inspired me over lovely dins at Nonnas to take a few days off and do Nice Things as v tired out by 4th move in about 6 months. So far this has involved buying a great deal of hardware  (did I know I was a hardware shop fetishist? not sure. seem to be tho. v excited about door stops and doilies esp.), messing around with flat and kitties (who seem way happier) and going to see Push, suitably fun Heroes/Xman derivative thingy. Oh and I made my chicken with a lemon up its bum! Flat now officially christened.

Also wonderful trip out to lovely pub in the Peaks, Cheshire Cheese in Hope, with gorgeous [ profile] moosedevil  and her Sam man (not sure can bear to call anyone Spam, poor thing.) Amazed how near Peaks are, really.  Reminds me of long ago trips out to Dales with Simon and Leeds people. Have bought Peaks walk guidebooks!

Am also reading extremely good chicklit book by Marion Keyes which tends to make me write like B Jones. Will try to resist. Fascinated by new heights/depths of chicklit - cross dressing comes to chick lit! V entertaining but also serious aspects, domestic violence, alcoholism etc. Ken Loach crossed with  Devil Wears Prada perhaps.

Several miracles yesterday. Was not admitting but lost USB stick with all my files from Soton on it. yes, all. Including all my handouts and teaching materials and some of new book. But they have got it back!!!  Is miracle. 

Also could not get bloody GooSync to work with new phone (mobile also blew up  been a lot happening ) but just have fixed!!!! have my contacts and calendar back! Oh thank god :)

Third piece of luck appeared to be be getting Julia a parking place yesterday outside UGC:) So really not expecting any more luck for a while!!!

Unortunately looks like I have to go to work tomorrow after all. Sigh:) But Julia has promised to take me to yoga! London on Friday for viva of my first first-supervised PhD student. Slightly scared but is probably ok. Will also be nice catch up with G, internal examiner and main friend from Soton law . Weekend, [ profile] catabolism  arrives for birthday! Is all go in the amazing North East:)


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