Mar. 13th, 2009

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(what's the posh adjective for weekly? hebdominal ??)

Given I now have Internet access at work at least, you can see it's been busy!

Just had first swim at Sheffield Virgin gym since I returned. Also WALKED to gym from Montgomery Rd, since left car at work after piss up (see below!) and it turned out to be really a lot nearer than I thought. Although, knowing Sheffield, I bet that's cos it's uphill all the way back!

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Watching The Apprentice does Comic Relief last night rather amusing. As usual, all the conflicts were really about class , just like in the main prog, even when it's celebrities not wannabe nonentities. The girls' team immediately fissioned into the bright ones (Wax, Vorderman and the actual business-person) and the thickos (Bianca from EastEnders, a random presenter). Bianca then naturally went hissy fit in true EastEnders style. ("Don't you evah taaalk to meee like that!!" )In fact she was SO LIKE Bianca in EE, that I'm now wondering if they based the character on Patsy Palmer rather than the other way round!!

The boy's team meanwhile, fell into 3 smugly middle-class over-achiever types (Ross, Dee and Gerald Ratner) leaving the arty one (the lovely GokWan) frustrated and the insane one, well, insanely annoying. (Someone from Little Britain?) Everyone appeared to be exactly how they seem on TV; Jack Dee really was a misanthropic drily amusing curmudgeon, Ross really was a hyperactive desperate for attention child and well, Ratner, er was. Or was it all a double bluff and in reality they're all John Major actalikes?
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have discovered sheffield outdoor french market! Run coffee treats Breton pear tart Lush what more!:)


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