Apr. 9th, 2009

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Fro a mailing list I'm on:

"Some guy wrote to LJ asking them to opt out of Webwise [Phorm]. They did:


=== Quote ===

I have requested exclusion of livejournal.com and all of its
subdomains from Webwise indexing. Thank you for bringing this to our

-Tupshin Harper
-Director of Engineering and Operations
-LiveJournal, Inc."

Coincidentally I have just yet AGAIN rewritten the chapter on Phorm. Got to publish it cos things don't stop :(

What do you guys care tho, you're probably at eastwercon already! Anyone at the midland??

,,,,,,,mmmmmmmmmm have now prised the M key off cos it was sticking. How do I get it back on????
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A happy story for Easter(con):

OK after waiting 17 years for home Internet (and the combined appalled looks of my weekend visitors at being told THERE WAS NONE) I caved in and went out to buy a mobilebroadbanddongle thingy. The best deal was Vodafone, whose PAYG dongles come with data that DOESN'T time-expire. But they were all sold out of them at local Curries (even tho their db, said, twice, that they had lots) and I couldn;t face driving to Meadowhall (to be told no doubt the db was wrong there too) so I bought next best deal, which was 02.

Which surprise surprise didn't work when I'd got it home:( Just no signal apparently.

So then I went, dispiritedly, to local PUB with YVonne WINOLJ to drink outside in beer garden, freeze ,and go back in to use the free wi fi:)Except the O2 monster-dongle had TAKEN OVER my laptop and somehow disabled normal Windows wi fi handling-stuff. And connectedly or not, I now couldn't seem to get ANY WI FI AT ALL.


Sigh. back to Curries to return it (and discover that STRICTLY they don't refund data AT ALL even though I'd NOT USED ANY. (But they did give me the ££ back as a "good will gesture").

Drove to work today and saw little tiny Asian mobilfone shop.

Voafone dongle therein - tho admittedly 15 quids dearer than in CurrieWankers.

But wth. It WORKS!!!!!


And now I can use cheap wi fi at LX too :)))
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From Neil Gaiman's blog on being asked if he'd got used to seeing people on TV etc reference his work:

"Actually I got very used to it a long time ago, when a young Joss Whedon was working on Roseanne, and made sure that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and her boyfriend always had Sandman posters and teeshirts...
Watching the det(f)ectives


I remember this!!

It's when I first stopped and realised how cool Darlene was!!! and started watching Roseanne which I'd hated on first sight!!

Ah smallworld.......
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OMG this is stunning, wonderful news!!

"French politicians have unexpected voted against a law that would have forced ISPs to disconnect any one accused of copyright infringement. No proof that would stand up in court would have been need. The final vote was 25 to 15 in the poorly attended National Assembly session."
French government nukes crazy Internet law in open revolt against Sarkozy - Boing Boing

Today is a GOOD day!
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Gin and tonic, pate on toast, chocolate prog on telly, working wi fi, cats on lap, creme egg to follow, and in 30 mins a massage at the thrapy place 3 doors down fron my house. Amd 4 days off.

Life doesn't get much better than this. And oh yeh there's that Bradford thing too :)


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