Apr. 12th, 2009

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I can hardly complain compared to poor [livejournal.com profile] bugshaw, I know, but almost completely predictably, I just knew I was getting some kind of bug, even as I threw myself into the car to drive to exotic and only an hour away Bradford.. Stopping work leads to relaxation leads to BUG, it never fails..:( Also feeling ill while being at con when comfy room is in overflow hotel 3 miles away, at end of rather dubious bus service, is pretty much made of fail. Thanks for the lie down time, Alison and Steve:)

Oh well. I had a lovely if slightly sedate Friday night, by dint of sitting in one chair, not moving AT ALL, and letting a string of nice people I hadn't seen for way too long (inc. gummitch, pigeonhed, Dave Hicks, godlike Anders, james-non-b, Ms Hazard) buy me red wine while we reminisced about how hot we all were in the Eighties:) (Well, except Abi who wasn't even BORN then. ha.).

But today my vague sense of crappiness turned worse on me, making me hot in the bad way, sweaty, grumpy, droopy and several other of the less desirable seven dwarves. Did two panels, one which felt just like work (copyright and fan stuff, kinda - we made Cory D an honorary panellist:) and one where the Internet audience apparently twice outnumbered the IRL audience!! I expect this at Virtual Worlds conferences, but not at Eastercon fan fund panels! Despite this no one seemed impressed with my suggestion that in future TAFF trip reports should be sent real time as a series of Twitters...

I probably shouldn't agree to be on fan programming that takes itself at all seriously anymore, my heart just isn't in it. I was always a FIJAGH not FIAWOL kinda gal anyway, and in an era where we can all talk everyday by instant communication in so many media, where I regularly hang out anf work with colleagues from the US, Australia and Europe, in the flesh or otherwise, I just find it hard to take this ritualised world of fanzines and TAFF and GUFF and Doc Weir awards and slower-than-light communication more seriously than, well, an interesting archaic ossified ritual. Sorry guys..

[livejournal.com profile] catabolism's (very good) conrep of Year of the Teledu, some 18 months back , in the new Head (yes! for real!) reminded me what a blindingly fun and innovative and participative convention that was. Compared to it, this Eastercon feels like being thrust back into the 1950s. It's my first sf con in a year, and in the meantime my IT law conferences have come to feel more like sf conventions in terms of new cool stuff and sensawunda than, well, sf cons. (And considering this is a James Bacon con, what little I've seen - little indeed I know - has seemed startlingly (sic) conventional. Where is Tobes (or even John Coxon) naked and strapped to a cross? Where are the review panels where we vote with our arses? Where are the giant screens up showing Tweetfall tracking #eastercon? Where was the smart whiteboard I needed for this afternoon's panel, even.

Instead, we seem to have as many excuses as possible for the girls to wear corsets (and eat chocolate - slight contradiction there) and the men steampunk waistcoats. I like dressing up as much as the next girl but the niches of what kind of dressing up is prescribed seem to get ever narrower... Where is the punk evening? the 80s evening? the Dr Who evening, even. Does it always gave to be Victoriana, just like it's always a new adaptation of Jane Austen or Dickens on tv??

(And no, #Plokta, the idea of an evening full of plus size women trying to look like schoolgirls doesn't thrill me much either actually and seems verging on the tasteless. Maybe if I was into anime or porn or size 10 or something. Bring back pirates and James Bond evenings..)

EDIT : I hear it's actually dress as your favourite children's character. That's great!!! Bags i be a Moomin!!

Ah well the Midland is lovely (thanks for the rec, [livejournal.com profile] nmg, Little Miss Sunshine was great to watch again, and maybe tomorrow I'll be weller. I am determined not to leave Bradford without at least a Proper Curry (the Cedar Ct not-so-cheap slop was Ok first time, fairly nasty second and unthinkable third time so I ate cheese instead..) I fancy Extreme Art - more like the YOTT programming that - and maybe even seeing some Actual Authors.

And maybe next month's Plokta will push conrunning back into the Noughties again :) You never know!


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