Apr. 22nd, 2009

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Still ill. Too knackered to write about it except that I went to walk in NHS clinic yesterday and was v impressed with the hi tech diagnostics. So apparently I have no chest infction, no urine infection nada - it's just a really vile virus. Apparemtly some people have had it for THREE MONTHS said nice nurse. Oh good grief!!

Anyway purpose of post. Helpful [livejournal.com profile] ladymoonray says some people are aolready writing on DreamWidth and not cross posting here. I'm not there yet and at tis rate may not be for a while - so if you've moved to posting there and not here could you wave your hand??

I would like an invite code if anyone has one, but judging from the apparent demand I won't hold my breath...

I still really have to go to London Thurs night to be external examiner unless actually dead - but I suspect I won't be up for any socialising at this rate. Sigh!!

Howvere I've been able to fall over outside last tree days, cats are gambolling in the sun and next door neighbour has fired up the garden barbie already! so not bad for April..
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Sat down to watch The Apprentice having not had any tea or much to eat all day - not much appetite since I've been ill.

20 minutes in, mmm! think I'll have a bowl of cereal..

40 minutes in oh maybe another..

Programme finishes. Maybe just another spoonful!

And they say that advertising doesn't work!

Who it that Kimberley reminded me of so much? Convinced it must be some American fan..


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