Apr. 8th, 2009 07:20 pm
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For the love of God Montressor, INTERNET!!

Have been working at home for 3 days in fit of chapter re-editing, v g for work efficiency , v bad for Internet as in, none. STILL.

In order, eliding story, I kil you deadly Sky, Virgin, Curries and O2:((((

Sky now promise installation 16th April. Please god...

Meanwhile no time to write up weekend. SIGH. maybe later. But it was good, v good and involved 80s champagne bar and starnge comedy club pub-bar with wi fi, chocolate orange mini eggs, an actual WALK round (or actually, up a hill near) a reservoir, luscious enormous pub (late)lunch at ladybower inn, even later dins at leopold Square (Strada), afternoon naps (rock n roll), more bars at Division St (yay Bungalow and Bears!), accessorising [ profile] hfnuala, cometitive yoga with [ profile] ophelia_complex, emabarrassing [ profile] guyinahat as sole male, a lot, and photos, which we must share:) Oh and Italian breekie at Nonnas which was probably the best meal of the weekend actually.

I am now fat, exhausted and very very busy!!!!!

Date: 2009-04-09 08:25 am (UTC)
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I'm working from home today and will finally be able to get to the Post Office - except I've totally lost all your details, Have spent past two days trawling my email inbox. I know I had them, just buggered if I can find them - plus i haz a guy prodding and poking me on a twice daily basis(that sounds rather disgusting). Can you email me your details at and I'll write them on this jiffy and sort it out later? Soz for the delay I have had a horridly busy few weeks


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