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Help, am trying to urgently get up to date email addresses for Juliette and Damien ([ profile] dalmeny and [ profile] dmw and G and Z ( [ profile] electricant and [ profile] i_ate_my_crusts as don't think emails sent to LJ addresses are reaching them (or possibly buried in little used email boxes) and it's a bit long for adding as a comment!

Alternatively Claire Fishlifter's email address - which, no, I also don't have - and have just moved and have next to no fnzs here.. I know pathetic isn't it!! And no a Google for Claire's address still only brings up stuff from most recemtly 2005!

Looking at my address book makes me realise the only people I actually personally email nowadays are contrinutors to the effing b***&&^%%k!!

Em will scan comments if I can remember how..

In other news have written Twitter conrep for Plokta; am still ill, was horribly ill high fever meltdown last night while [ profile] julia_winolj was here last night in fact, sorreeee... Better today but finding GP tomorrow, somehow.

Sky phone line does not seem to be working so STILL no internet..; bought new laser printer (yay) but have yet to have energy to get it out of box (boo); have rewritten many many privacy chapters; first fight with new HoD on Tues, methinks; sigh. But SUN today, read stuff outside, which was nice :)

Does anyone REALLY think we need a new Reggie Perrin? I like Martin Clunes and can see him as good casting, and I know david Nobbs is nvolved, but the trailer looked and sounded awful :(
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