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Sheffield law academic. Peripatetic, not pathetic.

"Janeane Garofalo meets a shorter Daniella Nardini maybe? As directed by Ridley Scott." - [profile] pigeonhed

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anomie, barcelona, beaches, canadian female singer songwriters, cauliflower cheese, cbt, charlie kauffman, chill out music, cineasm, cinematic orchestra, code as code, cognitive dissonance, cookie and java, dr who, finnish idiosyncracies, franglais, fromage, gikii, ice dancing, internet law, james marsters, john barrowman, joss whedon, kaiser chiefs, kings of convenience, life on mars, maggie and hopey, marge piercy, mexico, moominvalley, nigel slater, philip pullman, playing with my words, prosopagnoscia, red wine, rioja, sawyer sans shirt, sayeed also sans shirt, sea, silje nergaard, simon tolfield, small cats, spanish, stephen moffat, stoppard, sun, swimming, tarot, tequila, thai food, water, zero 7
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