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Cor. Just saw the last ep of Ashes to Ashes and wow, it was sooo much better than every previous episode I've seen - almost good enough in fact to justify the whole series which I've been more or less majorly disappointed by.

spoilers )

Meanwhile after 10 days of frenetic sorta-holiday I'm SO GLAD I CAN'T TELL YOU to be in my own home. It's been 5 days of Eastercon, 1 day of recovery, 2 days of BILETA in Glasgow(IT law conf, complete with reception at City CHambers , dinner in old church, and ceilidh at which I danced! me! five dances!); then dinner chez ma soeur with parents and Big Neice which was actually v nice and gave me more veg in one sitting than I think I'd had in a fortnight; and then finally to Edin and dins at Borough with my pal Steph and 24 people I didn't know - which sounded a bit nerve wracking but was actually great! Among others, I met an IT contractor who was genuinely doing the living off grid thing (he has 2 caravans, one he parks at Abington, apparently the centre of Scotland equidistant from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen); the Prof of Marine Energy at Edin with whom many v cliquey jokes were shared; and an ex lawyer who works at RBS and had just been to Thailand too. All v cheering - I have phone nos :)

The first thing I did when I got home was clean the flat from top to toe - v out of character for me but I think I wanted to turn it back from House into MyHomeAllMine (at least until New Lodger arrives next week..) I cleaned the fridge, threw all the manky stuff out, cleaned the stove, rearranged the cupboards the way I like them, stripped and remade the beds, polished every flat surface, cleaned the bathroom, watered the poor desperate plants (after two sets of geek tenants I would really now like someone capable of noticing the plants are in fact there :-) and have even mostly unpacked. Phew!!! Now if only I could just get some sleep :)

Tonight dins with Best Pal and tomorrow lunch with former Costa Rican E-Commerce Slave et al. Then WEERK !:(( (with a bit of badminton on the side!!!)


Mar. 17th, 2006 03:51 pm
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My next conference is in Malta on, um, 6 April.

They've just posted the conference banquet menu. This is the dessert:

White Chocolate and Glayva Delice Filled with Highland Raspberries, Toasted Oatmeal and Orange, Lavender Cream

For someone coming from SCOTLAND .. it's too late to be an April fool, right??


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