Sep. 30th, 2007 11:41 pm
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Watching a documemntary I've had on the Tivo about CCTV for some time. I thought it might be useful for a class on privacy and technology, but so far it's primarily a puff piece for the police ("CCTV is the greatest advance in policing, up there with finger printing and DNA") along with random use of sensationalistic shots of yobs in hoodies beating up tramps, etc etc.

A few useful factoids; CCTV has been used in the London tube since 1962 when it was mainly used to look at flow of passengers rather than look out for crime; now there are 8,000 cameras there. Smart CCTV can record voices, assess risk from voice analysis (eg degree of anger) , turn towards source of noise (eg angry voices) and images can be analysed using gait recognition* as well as image recognition (which latter I know from mates is extremely dodgy). 93 when jamie bulger's killers were caught on CCTV was the turning point or public embracing of the technology.

So far, so ho hum. What amazes me is that the entire case for privacy, or even some balance between privacy and security, in the face of all the evidence of universal surveillance has been one 30-second clip of a woman from Liberty saying that while crime prevention is easy to encapsulate as a gain, the loss to privacy of constantly being watched is harder to quantify. I'm not exactly a privacy fundamentalist and even I find this degree of cavalier disregard remarkable, along with no mention of the evidence that CCTV doesn't diminish crime merely shifts it from highly policed areas to less watched areas.

but maybe as polls tend to show this accurately reflects public sentiment?

[Poll #1063840]

* they're interviewing the gait recognition guy and it's Mark Nixon of Southampton! Anyone know him?

Peugeot ad

Jun. 19th, 2006 07:03 pm
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So what do you think?

Is it creepy?

Does it make the car attractive?

Doe it make you worry?


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