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Yes I'm back. But veeeeery busy. And still sort of RSI-y. Fuller report/pix likely Sunday. Exec summary: Caribbean muy bien. Even though we only had two days of sun out of 10, the rest being variations on tropical rain, storms, lightning -- very spectacular actually. I think we had the tail end of Hurricane Stan or Tropical Storm Nancy (or the South Asian earthquake - who knows), tho no one but me seemed to think this was anything odd. (There were about 4 Anglos out of 60 odd conference delegates - and we were from the US, Australia, UK and Slovakia. Ve-ry select group. I think my Spanish is a tiny bit less poco now, tho that's not saying a lot).

Head space was also good. I had 3 days on a beach (Bajahibe near La Romana), on my own, at the end,in a Very Small but Quite Brave Adventure, which was very good thinking/relaxing time. Cabana right on the beach, cradled in palm trees, scene straight out of Lost. (I was bitten to death before you think this sounds altogether too idyllic.) Even if I did spend a lot of time drinking free pina coladas, playing in the blood heat turquoise waves, and watching Smallville with Spanish sub titles :-) (Hey, wasn't that Krypto episode good??!! have I turned into an animal loving pod or what?)

I have also developed an affection for fried plantains or tostones - which is a shame as I will never be able to get 'em here - they taste more like really tasty sweet potatoes than the green bananas they actually are. Mofongo - plantains mashed and fried with pork bits and garlic - was also pretty good. And the fresh shrimps - mm. But caribbean food is not exactly subtle - the cocktails are the best bit :-)

And, er, the conference? Also, surprisngly, also muy bien, after a slow start. It turns out that Costa Rican e commerce slave was scheming to run it in Edinburgh next year . Well well. I am actually terribly pleased, as (a) it means I get to meet these mad Latin Americans again and (b) it saves me having to run yet another conference next year. So yaaay!!!!

Oh and my holiday reading rec is Judy Kendricks Isabel's Daughter - unputdownable South West semi magical realism chick lit - perfect for anyone in withdrawal from when Barbara Kingsolver was good. (On this list, that probably means [ profile] easterbunny, right?
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.. is hot, cloudy and thundery but only intermittently, so tht's ok!!

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