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Having arrived home unfeasibly early on Easter Monday when most people won't have LEFT yet!! (I blame a certain person who booked cheap tickets) - this is in fact not so much a con report as random things I remembered on the train..

It was one of those global warming conventions where the sun shone and the aircon in the programme rooms melted and most my weekend seemed to be spent outside, reluctantly trailing in to be on panels ...Oh the joy of Not Being In Hinckley, of having Shops and Sun and Fresh Air and Restaurants within walking distance ..! Chester was bathed in sunshine (not the Danny Boyle kind, although if you were Third Row..) and the collective unconscious bonhomie of 10,000 tourists saying "phew! it's a bank holiday and it's not raining!!" Encouraged , I went into a shop called Coco which was secretly a Per Una / Autograph seconds shop, and bought myself an entire new summer wardrobe for under £100. As I'd already done the same in New Look *before* the con, I now have two alternate versions of me to put around: one dressed in yellow, one in red and black and white stripes. Is there a red striped Teledu, she wonders vacantly?

[ profile] swisstone's tour of Roman Chester was one of the highlights of the weekend (even if I was, er, an hour late for it:-)I didn't realise, for example, that the Roody Race Course was such a well preserved example of a Roman circus, nor that Al Murray was actually a notorious pub landlord in the Classical period, but Tony was very patient and made sure no one got the wrong end of the stick. I'm still not totally sure though that I believe that stuff about Emperor Hadrian being the fan guest of honour at the first Chessmancon at the Blossoms Hotel , and asking in his repeatedly fanthologised GoH speech "Am I mad, in a coma or just travelling in time?"

And there was [ profile] bugshaw and [ profile] major_clanger's chocolate party, with wonderful cocoa nibbly things, and pink!fizz! from M&S, and a fantastic nouveau Indian place called Asia Fusion with G and Zara and [ profile] nmg and [ profile] ias and Garklet, and an unexpected [ profile] spikeiowa (yay!) and a slightly expected Geoff Ryman (more yay), and a shamefully decadent time out on Sunday where I discovered how wonderful Grey's Anatomy was, to the extent that I couldn't tear myself away to go out and eat.

On the way back Andy said wistfully, reading Third Row-edited Vector, "You know if I lived in London, those are the people *I'd* hang out with."

I have to write a paper for my next conference, NEXT weekend, now - St Albans, 150 IT law geeks, no furry badgers or bathhouse water gods at all. Am I mad, in a time loop, or just not doing very much work??
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I got up rather early today by my standards, my brain is fuzzt and I've offically joined Eastercon. Not all olf these are related. I think I'm not going to go to Atlanta and my middle name begins with J. What colour are the busman's sandwiches? (Special prize if you can work out which poll was inspired by last night's Desperate Housewives.)

Yes it does need a cut doesn't it? )


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