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I anticipated making this post but it's still worth doing.

11.40 at night and there's still blue in the sky and wisps of dark pink cloud. The air is light, the world is light. There's something about the north at midsummer; and today, after two days of rain, you can see it, feel it, in the Edinburgh sky. I'm so glad I'm here:)

It's been a wonderful visit. Lunch at Oloroso with rhubarb cocktails and [ profile] guyinahat, Cafe Grande with Janice, sitting outside the Pear Tree today with Burkhard and Rowena, tonight at Zanzero with Best Pal and rafts of free booze as her no 3 daughter is a waitress there, Dr Who with Andy, smoked hdadock risotto with Adele. People people people. I'm lucky with the people I know. More tomorrow. I'm looking forward to August:))
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I think I may be getting obsessed with the Fife Diet without even being on it .
Is this a new low in diet culture?? (Ang?)

I also watched a programe about whether reflexology really does you any good which deviated from its topic about as much as an Eastercon litprog panel - it ended up with experiments that told you massage reduces stress hormones, being touched made you feel safe and supported (yep, but we need studies for this?)and Our Presentrix going to a cuddly party in LA which actually looked like a damn good idea, and not unlike a [ profile] jamesb room party. The general message seemed, as usual in such progs, to be, no, it doesn't work, but yes, it is good for you :)

Lunch with Andres, Burkhard`and Rowena today, at which we all agreed that IT law academics are simply the current ultra postmodern cool (this mainly because one we know is in nearly-about-to-be-signed Edinburgh band Broken Records, and Alex Kapranos is the son of an IT law lecturer.) We all then ate our tom kha gai in the always-deserted probably-money-laundering Thai restaurant very gleefully.Then, oddly enough, a shiatsu massage which was very nice indeed :-) Came home, made the chil I meant to make for [ profile] major_clanger and ate most of it :-))

I really want to hear the new Portishead`album before going to the gig - it's out 28th April - anyone know if you can get a torrent already??

This is possibly my first proper non-terminally-exhausted night in for about 3 weeks and god, I'm loving it :-)))
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Cor. Just saw the last ep of Ashes to Ashes and wow, it was sooo much better than every previous episode I've seen - almost good enough in fact to justify the whole series which I've been more or less majorly disappointed by.

spoilers )

Meanwhile after 10 days of frenetic sorta-holiday I'm SO GLAD I CAN'T TELL YOU to be in my own home. It's been 5 days of Eastercon, 1 day of recovery, 2 days of BILETA in Glasgow(IT law conf, complete with reception at City CHambers , dinner in old church, and ceilidh at which I danced! me! five dances!); then dinner chez ma soeur with parents and Big Neice which was actually v nice and gave me more veg in one sitting than I think I'd had in a fortnight; and then finally to Edin and dins at Borough with my pal Steph and 24 people I didn't know - which sounded a bit nerve wracking but was actually great! Among others, I met an IT contractor who was genuinely doing the living off grid thing (he has 2 caravans, one he parks at Abington, apparently the centre of Scotland equidistant from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen); the Prof of Marine Energy at Edin with whom many v cliquey jokes were shared; and an ex lawyer who works at RBS and had just been to Thailand too. All v cheering - I have phone nos :)

The first thing I did when I got home was clean the flat from top to toe - v out of character for me but I think I wanted to turn it back from House into MyHomeAllMine (at least until New Lodger arrives next week..) I cleaned the fridge, threw all the manky stuff out, cleaned the stove, rearranged the cupboards the way I like them, stripped and remade the beds, polished every flat surface, cleaned the bathroom, watered the poor desperate plants (after two sets of geek tenants I would really now like someone capable of noticing the plants are in fact there :-) and have even mostly unpacked. Phew!!! Now if only I could just get some sleep :)

Tonight dins with Best Pal and tomorrow lunch with former Costa Rican E-Commerce Slave et al. Then WEERK !:(( (with a bit of badminton on the side!!!)
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.. despite multiple cumulative hangovers has featured quite a lot of my favourite soothing things: first, a two hour (!) walk with [ profile] andrewducker along the canal, some of it in sunshine, observing sweaty joggers coming out for spring and frantic accompanying doggies, all the way along to the aqueduct - where the Union Canal is actually lifted over the peripatetic Edinburgh river, the Water of the Leith. It's not exactly the Falkirk Wheel (which Will Self of all people is most impressed by in today's Indy!!)but it is an interesting bit of engineering. Will post pic. One girl was very tentatively wheeling her bike along the tow path because she was afraid of heights! I suppose a drop is something you don't expect on a canal..

..then fry up brekkie (with excellent sausages from local butcher, Sunday papers); and then second visitor, Best Pal, for a good gossip session and eating some of yesterday's left over cheese and grapes:) Am now going to see if I can catch either Torchwood or A2A on Virgin Replay before I fly back to land of No Cable No Sky Dish!


Oct. 3rd, 2006 12:04 pm
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Soton has a spell checker on its email system which may be doing its bit to make me moderately more comprehensible, but is also mildly interesting - for an academic institurion, is it not odd that it not only doesn't have "bilateral" but also not "wanker"? :-)

Edinburgh at the weekend was lovely. Not even tsunami weather as advertised but crisp and sunnily quasi-autumnal , if a bit soggy in Princes St gardens!! I was going to do a blow by blow but really it comes down to "I saw lots of people and we reciprocated group affirmation-affection- reassurance-bonding-closure". Also ate a lot.  This included the Shouting Book Club on Friday, [personal profile] andrewducker passim, Best Pal (Sandy) on Sunday for much needed gossip, lunch by the canal also on Sunday with [profile] hfnuala[profile] chillies , Aishling their 3 month old adorable babe, and briefly, the person formerly known as [profile] yonmei (though no [personal profile] akicif?), overdue reconciliation and more goss over caramel apple pie with [profile] thishardenedarm, and finally, on Monday, lunch for more industrial espionage (don't tell , [profile] loveandgarbage !) with Burkhard aka Mad German AI and Law Ex Catsitter. Andy and I even finally took in the Ron Mueck exhibition (on the day it closed !) : giant naked vulnerable hairy men ("That could be you," I said to Andy. "Hmm, you're not the first of my girlfriends to say that," quoth he. ) , tiny demonic crucified babies, worried giantesses who gave me sympathetic anxiety and the desire to crawl under the gargantual duvet too (prefereably with a few cats.).  It was all wonderful and now I'm very tired. Sorry if I didn't see you - next time! with dum sum!

The flat renting experiment seems to work very well on first weekend trial. I rented my place to Jordan, ex-Masters student and his girlfriend Sarah, now doing an MSc in Politics, but kept the large spare room for myself. It still has loads of my books and clothes plus smells residually of the cats so I felt very at home :) Jordan and Sarah have cleaned the place within an inch of its life and put up boudoir-red curtains in the living room, but otherwise barely filled its emptied cupboards and shelves so it's all eerily minimalist, spacious and elegant. i don't think I could ever live in minimalist style but I must say, boy does it look good. Anyway there's loads of room for the three of us plus I gave them my wireless router so I didn't feel alienated at all - in fact Sunday we had a lovely evening when J & S made Tex-Mexican for Andy and I (they met at U of T in Austin and S is Texan by birth) which was the best I've had since I visited Texas myself in 96  I think - black bean soup mmmm mmmm. The Mexican equivalent of Jewish chicken soup - you felt you had hairs on your chest after eating it. I must get the recipe.

Back to life, back to reality. Plane was delayed an hour at Edinburgh, then I was stuck an hour at the airport waiting for breakdown people, as car's battery had drained in the pouring rain. Oh Dear - maybe I really do have to start scoping a replacement. Thank god, however, had amazing book - Watching the English, by kate Fox, an academic anthropologist observing the English as if we were obscure African tribe. Both painfully accurate and in places terribly funny. It becames extravagantly clear that despite distracting facts of origin and upbringing, I am not remotely English, (well or British) which may explain a lot - watch for another post on this when I've read it all...


Jun. 17th, 2006 11:24 pm
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My pix of the edinburgh Cow Parade thus far can be found here !


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