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I seem to have lived on sausage and cheese while here! How Continental! However that's a bit unfair to the lobster and crayfish pasta I had at Oloroso (mmmmmmmm) and the seabass at Zanzero...

Today was Valvona and Crolla with [ profile] lilutifire, [ profile] cairmen, [ profile] pisica and [ profile] loupblanc - and me horribly horribly late :( I blame society!! Entertaining discussion of what photos ohmygod not to put on a dating website. Wish i could have stayed longer but...

Then extreme shopping with My Mum (a rare mention on my LJ!) which resulted in me buying the Most Flattering Dress Ever, shoezzz and a turquoise jacket and matching t. Glorious!

Then ran through the rain to see Ex Boss giving talk on privacy and property (ostensible reason for being here.) Actually very good and we got into interesting debate about DRM, database rights, the bastard entertainment industry and mad people in Shetland. Apparently Scotland has just invented the right to park on someone else's land. No, really!!

Then I made up my own quasi Nigel Slater recipe - all i had unfrozen in the house was (more) sausages, bread, and butter! initial plan, suprise, was sausage buttie, but then inspiration struck..

Pour tin of tomatoes into pan, add Italian herbs, hot sauce and worcester sauce, stir and cook, meanwhile grill sausages, add to sauce , pour in a handful of red lentils, add hot watet, some frozen corn and peas.. and cook ten minutes or so with lid on.

Result! Very Italian, very healthy, very tasty, very pleased.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have Gordon Ramsay as your`dad?

The blush Prosecco I bought from M & S ws WHITE!!

And in other news, someone left a note admitting that mine and most my neighbours doormats had been stolen - or "borrowed" - as part of a graduation project at the Art School. Dear Lord, it's strange oop North...


Jan. 2nd, 2008 06:43 pm
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If you want to see my old walk into work to Old College, here it is as chronicled by [personal profile] major_clanger.


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