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Just realised I only have 6 hours to announce I DID IT!! albeit by skin of teeth..

51. Deja Vu - was much better than I expected. Till oh at least 3/4 way through it's a genuinely funny smart action movie based on a solid sf time travel premise. It's got a neat ending too. But en route there it sudenly hits a period of TOTAL BOLLOCKS OVERDRIVE (as I hear it is known.) Shame really - one more script rewrite and it could have been really good..

52.!!! waas sadly UTTER SHITE!! namely The Holiday. OMG this is the worst manufactured romcom I've seen in some time. AVOID. This is a UK/US life swap Richard Curtis style fantasy only worse - in which struggling hacks can somehow live in charming multi million pound cottages in quaint Surrey villages, in which single fathers without live in help can somehow get drunk in the village pub every night and randomly crash (sans children) on their sister's couch; in which tickets to and from LA can be purchased the day before both Xmas and New year, in which elderly millionaire filmwriters take walks (WALKS!!) on the pavementless roads of LA.. oh I won't go on. This film grimly assumes its audience are idiots and goes from there. OH one more I'd forgotten - this is a London where it snows solidly for a week at Xmas. Global warming anyone??

OMG - TV blip here - Eastleigh is the 9th most desirable place to live in the UK. I Don't Believe it.. it is, as they just said, ugly, dull and polluted, the best thing to say about it being that it's near an airport (it's ten mins from where I live in Soton) .. It beats Manchester at 10 though, even though it's the ASBO capital of the UK with 10 % of the population leaving to get away fromn the crime rate. Who compiles these things???

EDIT: Sorry [ profile] sneerpout, Islington is the 5th worst place to live!! based on crime, unemployment and high prices..

and.. it get worst - Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in the UK and Scottish kids are twice as fat as US kids proportionally! ag!

Right, signing off!! Have a cheerful New year and don't get blown away by the gales!!
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48. Secretary. OK I'd seen it before but it's a film!
Actually I liked it much better this time - I think it was too mortified to enjoy it when I saw it in the cinema as best Pal and I had planned to go and were in end joined by BP;s daughter (sub age of consent) and BP's sister in law (rather very well OVER age of consent.) I didn't quite know where to put myself.. (under the seat mostly) but this time I thought James Spader was far more shy and worried than sleazy, and Maggie G far more in control than sexually harassed - which is as it should be. I'd also competely imagined a coda in which the neighbours get up in arms at having a respectable married S & M couple living in their neighbourhood - I was waiting for that, and then it was the end of the film!! We-ird..
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. is indeed rather glorious. Airport for the Noughties. I couldn't understand why the audience wasn't laughing as much as I was. As I said to my companion as the roll was called of cute kids, nursing mothers, babies, fat women, flower hippy chicks, annoying princesses, fat black comedy interests, etc etc, "where's the singing nun?"

But hasn't Samuel Jackson paid for his new kitchen yet then??


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