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[ profile] instant_fanzine has the Oscar nominations up plus some comments.

I'm in same boat as Liz along with most English film fans in not having yet seen most the front runners except Atonement, as they either haven't made it to the UK yet or didn't excite me enough to catch them on the few days they loitered in Southampton (Michael Clayton; Away From her); also am not remotely interested in Dylan, and decided the Coen Bros one sounded far too bleak and depressing for January.

I am pleased to see Cate Blanchett get a best Actress nomination for Elizabeth, a much under rated film, and the nod to PSH for Charlie Wilson's War. I continue to think Atonement has been wildly over praised in a bad year generally, and a particularly bad year for women (La Vie en Rose, especially, is worthy biopic tedium.). Viggo for Eastern Promises is the only even slight surprise I think in the main awards ; he does do his absolute best with a part that is not particularly well written, in a rather dodgy film, but he won't win (even despite the naked bathhouse scene :))

Best thing: Ratatouille getting a nomination for something OTHER than being Best Animated Film (or a music award). YAY! is this a first I wonder? (Hmm - did The Incredibles get soemthing?? A. yes - nominated for best original script too. Go you Mr Bird!)

One wonders what we'll talk about on the Orbital films of the year panel!!! Really Crap year for sf/fantasy. Wouldn't it be lovely if the Academy ever did something mad like give Amy Adams a nomination for Enchanted? (And she's in CWW too!) Will see Sweeney Todd on Friday..:)

Oh and nothing for Once. Bloody typical..

Anyone want to nominate or even remind me of their fave sf/fantasy film of the year? Please don't all say Stardust..

In other news, I did do my gig on Radio Oxford at 8am (gag) but didn;t say anything world shaking; and I just made salmon ramen a la Wagamama (except minus miso , as I hadn't acquired any, so chicken stock plus soy plus some fresh ginger and sweet chili saice instead - seemed to work) - and IMHO it really LOOKED right, as well as tasted good, which pleased me :)

Back to the ice dancing! :) (Anyone else watching it this year? Suzanne looks like the new Clare, doesn't she??)

PS having just looked at the full Oscar listings at, am happy to note that BOTH Once and Amy Adams have nomnations for Best Song!!
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My sort of tradition even though I didn't do 52 films this year..

Where I remember have indicated if it was TV or DVD rather than cinematic viewing -- the latter still seem more "real" to me somehow..

Which gives top 5 of actual 2007 films..

1. Once
2. Elizabeth 2
3. Teeth
4. Blades of Glory
5. Ratatouille

Really not a very good year. I seem to have missed  out big in not seeing The Lives of Others but am not aware of being very sad at missing much else.

EDIT: This was definitely the year when TV out classed film. I watched all 4 series of Peep Show, mostly with <lj user="bohemiancoast"> to our extreme amusement; all of Life on Mars and New Who which i thorougholy enjoyed; discovered Grey's Anatomy but failed to follow it up, enjoyed what I caught around the schedules of Californication and Studio 60; even rightly vilified Torchwood had more brio than most the films above. And of course  there was Heroes! Spooks was pretty good too.

Memo for 2008: watch more indy films, more film festival films, less (or no) Hollywood sequels, more weird foreign films, more animation and get more old wonderful French films from Lovefilms or whoever.
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The UK competition commission has had enough of the incredible queues at Heathrow airport and they're promising to heavily fine the management company that runs the airport. - says Cory on Boing-Boing. Hip hip hooray.

In other news, Tales of Earthsea also fairly pants. Shame really :(
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Cor, bit of a downer what?

Yep, that's just about all I have to say..

Oh, for the film diary I suppose - rewatched Oh Brother Where Art Thou - still slight - and The American President - still satisfyingly Sorkin. Where's my Studio 60, Ducker..
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So here I am. So far, so good. Eeva had cleaned whole house to peak of shininess, made me turkey salad for tea, and her boyf brought round Wild Hogs on DVD which was really very surprisingly quite funny - omg, am I becoming addicted to comedies of social embarrassment? (viz/ Blades of Glory, 40 Year Old Virgin.)  Have I got the perfect lodger or what??

Cats embraced  garden again, joyfully. After two days shut up in boxes of varying size, we were probably equally glad to stretch out in green space and sunshine:-)

I also watched Bend It Like Beckham, a film of which I am inordinately fond, in a hotel near`Warrington last night with 2 disgruntled cats, followed by , of all things, A Hard Day's Night, which I'd never ever seen. It occurs to me that we're actually seeing something of a golden age of films which try to understand in a depth beyond merely comedic both young and middle aged men's ordinary insecurities - not poets with crises or heroes with dilemmas , but ordinary joes who panic at getting a date or living the rest of their life as a dentist. As if Nick Hornby had started script writing for half of Hollywood. In the films above we've got sympathetic understanding of Jess's Sikh father, of both a priggish and a yobbish male, of geek salesmen, and of the aforementioned dentist and his middle class weekend-biker pals. While we girls get Bridget Jones as the spokesperson for all our worries. Bring back Emma Thompson, f'godsake.

Whereas in AHDN, c 1964, there are only two classes of males; youths who are cool and laugh at everyone, and middle aged males who are tbere solely to be laughed at. Frankly if anyone behaved like the Beatles do in AHDN nowadays they'd be lucky to get away with an ASBO. They are introduced mocking an old man on the train simply for being old, behaving raucously when he demurs at this, playing music loudly to annoy others in the carriage, and chatting up schoolgirls in a really annoying way. i wanted to slap their fatuous smart alec behinds. Fab 4? It'sa  good thing Paul could write a good tune, or on this  showing thy'd never have caught on:-)

Poor Anita Roddick. Terrible hair aside, she did as well as anyone to shape the idea of ethical business. I hope it smells of dewberry in heaven.
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.. in more ways than one. It was so warm in Edinburgh today I was enjoying the North Sea breeze!! Now is the end of our world nigh...

.. which is a nice lead in to seeing the advance preview of Danny Boyle's Sunshine last night, which could be seen (joke:-) as an instruction not to worry too much about global warming - why worry when in a few thousand years the sun's going to run down and our ski slopes will be back in fashion!! The timing of the film seems rather unlikely - the sun isn't likely to grow old anytime soon last time I read any astronomy articles - but the humans we see haven't evolved into anything very different, they've invented anti grav and talking computers, but they're still arguing and reading paperbacks (what on a mission where weight would have been critical? where is the digital Harry Potter paper??!)

All this and lots of other stuff (why *are* the space suit helmets shaped like space rhinos from Dr Who? was it really just to look like Kenny from South Park? why all the weird flickery stuff at the end?)make it hard to believe the Boyle PR that this was an extensively researched Serious Space Movie. But it's till a decent skiffy movie (DB's terminology of choice :-). The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and the effect of all the close up sun shots is a bit like sitting in front of one of those lightboxes for two hours ("I nearly got a tan", said Andy.)

The film totally wears its influences on its sleeve - Solaris, 2001, and Alien (and Hugh Walters novels though he didn't mention them..) - but fails really to come up with anything new. But maybe there really isn't anything to say that IS new in this "corridor" as Danny described it?

Anyway the bit I liked best actually occurred in the Q and A with DB after the film, not in the film itself.
"I wanted for the first time in movies to do the realistic thing", said Danny "show space without a star field - cos when the sun is visible in space you won't SEE the stars, anymore than you do on earth during daylight."
But when they tried it they realised that if you show a space ship against a pure black skyscape you get no sense of motion - nothing moves. So they had to put the starfield back..

Which reminds me so much of one of my favourite ever sf quotes - "The reality of art is not the reality of reality." Ever true.

Right, now I'm going to go and pack all my new yellow stuff for Eastercon..:-) bring shades or I may dazzle all you Gothy types!!
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I haven't got time to do this but I can't resist..

300, the review I want to write.

300 is about 300 naked Spartans holding off 10 trillion pussy wetting Persians. The Persians are interested in sex, drink and pleasure = WO-MEN!!!! while the Spartans are interested in WAR PAIN FIGHTING GRRRRR!!! Even Spartan women are so manly that none of them need bras, which is helpful as it means they can wear togas tied in ridiculously unlikely ways. They aren't very smart though. But before we have time to realise that, it's back to shots of ABS, SIX PACKS, GLUTES, POINTY THINGS and MALE MEN BEING MANLY. Are you getting my drift here? OMG this is the GAYEST MOVIE ever in the history of the world. It's got a bit of coy incidental fighting but mostly it's about incredibly hot men in speedoes gazing lovingly at each other's groins. There's no plot to get in the way either. And very little dialogue for anyone except Leonidas and Universal Overvoice Exposition person - but what there is tends to go a bit like this (I can't remeber anyone's names so i'll just make a few up)

PRIAPOS: (scratching his ass endearingly) What larks we shall have TONIGHT, Muscliferous, when we have shown these pussy Persians how we Spartans KICK ASS!!

MUSCLIFEROUS: (throwing a LONG POINTY THING with concentrated intent) Yes, we shall REVEL TONIGHT Priapos, when we have shown the Persians how to PLAY BALL!!!

And then you get people complaining that the film doesn't show the Spartan warriors as explicitly each other's lovers... laugh? I nearly had mo stomach pumped.

Are you catching where I'm going with this?

me I'm running out to buy the DVD for those long winter nights..

The Review I Feel I Ought To Write

Ok, so the Spartans are clearly white, noble, upstanding and magnificent manly men warriors.

The Persians are swarthy sickos.

the Spartans organise a pre emptive strike to stop the Persians infecting their society with "irrationality and mysticism" (probably misquoted but something very like this, said portentously near the end.)

So who paid Frank Miller to do PR for invading Iraq??

BTW, 3, the much funnier review is at .
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.. that was for sure.

Friday was the much anticipated Burns Supper chez [personal profile] nmgand [personal profile] ias- with lashings of astoundingly home made veggie and ordinary haggis, lots of nice people, single malts and some really fabby under-sugared cranachan. I was enjoying myself so much I made the fatal mistake of going on from red wine to whisky:-( [profile] elseware  was very kind and put me in a taxi home :-)

Saturday was spent partly recovering from the inevitable hangover - I was so dehydrated I couldn't blow my nose!!! (TMI I know!!!) "It's the oats," said [profile] elsewaresympathetically (and informatively).  FInally dragged myself off to London to meet up with [profile] zarabeeand [personal profile] electricant

Where we  inaugurated the future SyZyGy Film Discussion Group by going to Darren Aaronofsky's The Fountain, which I've probably already written too much about elsewhere (if a turkey, a very good one to discuss)  and went for v cheap and very excellent Vietnamese  on Old Street (I have a menu somewhere but can't face finding it - but for me the highlight was the French/Chinese steak, fried in butter with south east asian spicing - fantastic!!  I very tentatively had one beer abd felt much better :-)

I then turned up at [personal profile] bohemiancoast and [profile] malwen   's   c midnight and was forcibly detained from going sensibly to bed.  Instead we drank 2 bottles of very good wine while  playing tennis on the Wii till 3.30 am.  Finally I went to Waterloo c 5pm, via  a detour to the ice rink at Canary Wharf, to get home and it was closed for a fire  alert!  helas!  but by the time I walked there from Westminster (the tube
didn't stop at Waterloo) everthing was OK. Phew. Wow. It's like a mini adventure -  the day TFL did NOT collapse! 

Then I had a hot bath, played with the kitties, rang people  and splurged on LJ.
That's my kinda weekend :-)


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