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Well that was a fine night in - Dr Who, an unsuccessful attempt to watch I Robot on Film 4 (loadashite!), Zoolander (excellent!!) and an unexpected last half of some kind of compilation of the best of Never Mind the Buzzcocks which was ruddy ace:)) Now waiting to se Amy Winehouse punch someone at Glasto )

Actually I had a very adventurous day - such lovely weather I just got in the car and DROVE somewhere - in the end to the delightfully-named Fordingbridge, on the edge of Wiltshire, where I sat at a wonderful pub on the river and ate sea bass and prawn risotto (fish!!)and just, well, chilled . Also drove through moors FULL of cows and ponies - ponies, big ponies, coltish foals - PONIES! For whom cars got out the way, not the other way round!! I love moors - something about them makes you feel like you're on the roof of the world - and this felt a world away from the manicured tourist spots of the New Forest round Lyndhurst at al. Lovely.
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Rather less exciting than it sounds..

Sex and the City : wonderful clothes, good intentions (perhaps), bad execution, crap dialogue, almost no laughs, and awful pre/post feminist bilge in dollops with huge spoonfuls of schmaltz on the side. Also in the last five years everyone but Miranda seem to have forgotten how to act, and Miranda (well, Nixon) has remembered only how to act as Cruella de Ville from school panto. Not really recommended therefore, though like many an ex boyfriend, despite your copious awareness of its glaring and unfixable flaws, you remain incomprehensibly half-fond of it...

spoilers )
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In hotel. In Madison. c 3.40 am my time and been travelling since 10.30am. Slightly wiped:)

But all v smooth. Immigration at Minneapolis is paradise compared to JFK - I was thru in c 10-15 mins. Even retrieving back, customs, and going through security again was ok. And what did I first see but a TEQUILERIA!! With Gran Centenario, Guy!! (But actually I had a strawberry margarit and a chalupa con barbacoa.) NW Plane turned out to be small and bijou - with per-seat not only videos ( saw Jumpers which wasn't half as bad as everyone said)but also games so I spent a happy hour remebering how to win at Bejeweled. You coukd even send email at $2.50 a pop!! I resisted, but only because I couldn't face unearthing my credit card.. Also was sat next to someone who was apparently UK and Europe no 1 at some kinda post-speedway motor cycling sport - you do it on dirt courses in parks?? Apparently I should have heard of him - Pete? Liam? - but was very amiable (and off to race tomorrow in St Louis. He trains during the week with the guy who's going to win at Isle of Man apparently..)

And,now having unpacked and found water and been hugged by sevral people who I'm not TOTALLY sure who they are, it occurs to me - it's 20 years, near as dammit , since I first came to the US in 1988, with Christina, on our TAFF trip, when we marvelled at the miracle of being in the mythical transatlantic world and got pissed on v cheap wine.

But 20 years on, America STILL never fails to give me a buzz:)
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My programme items both of which sound rather cool..

Your program items:

Title: LiveJournal and WisCon

"You're on LiveJournal (LJ). Like a lot of the people at WisCon, you enjoy keeping in touch with your WisCon friends through this powerful tool for connections. You might even have come to WisCon for the first time because you heard about it from LJ friends who share your interest in feminism and sff. You relish the chance to engage in discussions year round about the topics that make you passionate--gender, race, power and privilege, writing, etc. But all of a sudden, you've made someone on LJ mad--*really* mad. More than that, lots of people you don't know are mad, now that your comment has been linked. What do you do now? Jump in, cave in, bow out? How do you respond at all and keep a measure of your privacy, given that the people blogging may know your real name, your sexual orientation, the details of your marriage and your relationship with your parents, and are in a position to share a lot, online or offline, with the untold numbers who now think they know what an ig!
norant person you are?"
Friday, 9:00-10:15 P.M.


Title: Philip Pullman: Threat or Menace?

"The release of the film The Golden Compass, has revived interest in PPullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Come and participate in a lively discussion that asks the following questions and more: What is this work? Is it an atheist/nihilist screed, as some insist? A neo-Enlightenment fable? What is the author's political and philosophical message? Is Lyra a feminist protagonist? Is Mrs. Coulter? Dr. Malone? Will? Did the changes made between the book and the movie change the basic premises of the story? "
Sunday, 1:00-2:15 P.M.
Conference 5

Aberfeldy Weekend write up to follow!! In receding order; Iron Man ace; sun ace; castle ace; lambs and ducklings ace; have eaten and drunk far FAR too much!!!! but did do two walks up hills, plus one waterfall and cave (falls of Acharn), and one saint's well, River Tay, Loch Tay, the glorious Dull and Weem, and one 5000 year old yew tree (allegedly)!
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Juno is one of these films so fresh and pellucid it kind of rips open your over-determined cliche-driven view of what the world is.

The problem is it makes you want to be 16; when problems aren't yet insuperable and the world is fresh and new.

CJ from West Wing is very good, as is Jennifer Garner ; but they're all outshone by Juno herself; I wonder how she will grow up? And it's filmed in Vancouver, of COURSE, the place where right-thinking dreams are everyday pragmatic realities. Of course it's all liquorice candy sweet in the end.. aren't you glad it wasn't made by Ken Loach??? Ah god, I wish I was Amuhrican.
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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds was restful in a trippy kind of way, but not Miyazake's best. Andy's kitten provided additional entertainment however :)

Sleeping Beauty produced by Scottish Ballet, was , however, bar a slightly dodgy first twenty minutes or so, absolutely glorious. Amazing costumes (if only the Red Riding hood dress had been in Zara before Xmas they'd have sold out!), a strange traditional Prussian set design framed by Roaring Twenties scenes  (I really do still want to know what the hair dresser was about!) and some very interestingly non classical choreography including (as per norm for anticipated Edinburgh ballet audiences!) an all male pas de deux which I'm sure wasn't in the original! but was rather stunning.

I still don't know who Little Boy Turquoise was either , but his hair was Ded Kewl.

Afterwards [profile] ophelia_complexand [profile] purelyskindeep and  I retired to a nice Italian and spoke deeply of philosophy and politics and morality till we all realised we'd missed our last buses home. It was a fine, fine last evening in Auld Reekie:)

Soton update: my mouse still doesn't work but I've already replaced two light bulbs, had the breakdown people out to jump lead my car  and done a ppt for a class tomorrow. Sounds damn good to me :-P
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Surprise late event of the festive Tv schedules discovered randomly after Thunderbirds night on B4..!

Just watched this with some bemusement - surreal pastiche/pisstake of both Ian Rankin's Rebus novels and the Sherlock Holmes/Moriarty/Joseph Bell/Arthur Conan Doyle set.

And filmed in Old College, Blackwells, Surgeon's Hall, my favourite part of the Water of Leith, the Calton Hill Observatory, the National Gallery on the Mound,  and practically everywhere else I go in Edinburgh! how bizarre! And even featuring my old fave, the erstwhile Lady Door. and the girl from Fear Me in Dr Who...

After this, Enchanted and the oddness of the last few days, I am beginning to feel slightly like a fictional character :)


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