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.. is always a little how the end of the Fringe feels. And this year's it's redoubled: it's been 4 weeks in which, I think, incredibly, I've been out, away or entertaining visitors for every night but two: vistors, Worldcon, visitors, Fringe, Serenity and Joss, visitors, Fringe. La vie en rose, the circus finally packing up and leaving town. Literally in the Bongo Club where we went to see Robert Newman tonight, and after they were stacking up the chairs. Ed began picking up abandoned plastic beer glasses. "It's what I do in the Forest cafe," he said helplessly. Time for everyone to pack up and go home. Newman , proponent of non hierarchical anarcho syndicalist eco-prot groups, would have wholly approved, as long as they didn't leave by car, I suppose. Me, I'd have approved more if he told more jokes to go with his historical reminiscences on Bush-Blairite imperialism in the Middle East - in a few years he should naturally evolve into a ukelele playing history lecturer, one feels, but will his wallet allow it? Stand up after all surely pays better than academe (tho Phil Kay's wardrobe may have spoken otherwise).

fringe madness )

And I've written all this 'cos the still not fixed (when exactly huh? when!) wacked out hot tap is homeopathically filling my bath: I'm sure the water level creeps asymptotically towards fillness, never quite getting there. Of the holy trinity of cat-food, loo roll and milk, I now have all 3, but I've just run out of cat litter. My video timer has given up the ghost entirely, my Outlook Express won't delete mail anymore, neither will the digital camera (delete, that is), my gas bill hasn't been paid for several lifetimes, and John Lewis only sells one video recorder in these our days of the new millennium and I don't think it had Video Plus. Entropy Rules OK. The world is too much with us: late and soon, getting and spending on Fringe tickets, we lay waste our powers..

Next: running a Privacy Workshop for fun and profit..


Aug. 24th, 2005 03:21 pm
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This has in many ways been an utter Day Of Crap but here are the good things:

- made it down to HMV to catch sight of the Firefly signing with numerous and numinous cast members and La Joss himself. I was just considering joining the queue myself, when they closed it; which was probably a good thing as it would have taken an hour I absolutely didn't have. However I did find people to take Andy's box set copy of Firefly to get signed (mine is with Vincent, sigh!!)and I did get a good eyeful: Nathan Filion looks younger than I expected, Gina Torres slighter, Onara-whoever -she-is less beautiful (tho still quite) (and Joss is clearly besotted with her, so I don't expect her to be killed of in Serenity now) and Jayne looked just like Jayne!! (Joss looked just like Joss too, but, hey, I kind of expected that..)

((Joss Reel to Reel last night was chock full of good stuff and convinced me completely I Was Not Born To Be a Writer. Also a Spike movie directed by Tim Minear is apparently looking really quite likely. SQUEEE! ))

- saw cute little girlies doing Isadora Duncan type ballet in bare feet and turquoise tie dye in Princes St Gdns as I scooted back

- did *not* get caught in the intermitten downpours we're having

- bought new Jenny Colgan YAY YAY YAY and a purpley gypsy-ish silk skirt and jewelled top in River Island - the new autumn clothes are in and it's SO NICE to see some stuff that's not post sales rags..

- and best of all - managed to get rid of Chinese PhD in under 15 minutes!!!!

Now if I can just finish marking resits and stay awake till Serenity tonight!! Oh and buy more catfood!!!
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Pour remembrance of things perdus

Phil Kay: completely manic, whether on speed, ritalin or emotional upset, not sure. Told us about G8 and his failed marriage, both more uplifting than you might imagine. Thanked us for being in the first row, which was nice, even if he did assume we had congenital defects and were a family with the two guys next to us as we all wore glasses. Go.

Nigerian Spam Scam Scam : "charming" seems best phrase - well done real life tale, but a bit slight for an hour perhaps - otherwise, quite professionally interesting to me, and nicely characterised, with some great gay & cat jokes.

Andy Parsons : ok, so so stand up, v middle or road, mostly semi political.

Ben Moor: still tall, quiet and lovely. The new Geoff Ryman.The most soothing thing I've seen on the Fringe so far.

The Tao of Martial Drums (or some such) : at the Assembly off shoot on the Mound which is actually the ex Scottish Parliament I think - how strange. I went into this with a really bad headache which is a slight mistake before an hour of ferocious drumming. But actually, I was entranced by the sheer effort (and quite a lot of skill), plus both the girls and the boys are eye candy to die for. Who needs porn when you can have this?

Russell Banks: runs some digital TV Big Brother show, V entranced, i thought he was cute.

To come: MirrorMask, Bill Bailey's punk rock tribute group, Serenity and Joss, and Audrey Hepburn on a trapeze. What else should I see?? Dance and art recs especially welcome.

REDIT still to see : Jump!, Rob Newman, Anarchy in the Ukele..
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Day 226 in the Big Brother house, sorry, post-Worldcon Bruntsfield.. Andy has been by to say hi en route back from Yorks, my friend Scott (former Unwanted Visitor with Preggers Girfriend for those with long memories) has demanded pubbage this evening pre Tattoo (I loathe the tattoo & never go), sigh. Inbetween is glorious stillness. I love visitors, especially American/Ozzie type, but I also love it when they go away:-) The cats are ecstatic. What shall I do? Shall I go to the Fringe? the Book festival? the Botanics? the Gauguin exhibition? Centotre to find Vincent? Or shall I just sit here and revel in having tidied up kitchen, put dishwasher and washing machine on with full loads, and have a long bath!

Yesterday, after disasters of the Night Afore, turned out very well in the end. Eileen (Gunn) and Ellen (Datlow) were retrieved, and we all trundled off to the Pleasance quad to see what we could see. Which turned out to be yet more fans (hi Moshe), my pal Vincent and his daughter, and this year's Ben Moor production Coelocanth, which as with last year's Black Cocktail, based on a Jonathan Carroll novella, was charming, whimsical and very well acted, though a bit slighter than last year's. We had a Very Cool Moment when Ben Moor himself stopped by our table and Ellen casually mentioned that she was Jonathan Carroll's editor. Ben transmuted into fanboy, while I gazed adoringly at him. He really is very cute/nice/cool/tall.

Later we reconvened at Centotre, the style-Italian restaurant I've been trying to get into for about a year. It was as Sex and the City-ish as I'd hoped - the Strawberry and Black Pepper martini was fabulously aromatic and while I talked Eileen into having one too, I moved onto the fresh blueberry prosecco with Italian blueberry liqueur (Mirtillina). All this plus a bottle of wine made me giggly enough to thoroughly enjoy Andy Parsons at the Assembly Rooms, the comic we randomly selected, even though as I said to Eileen, "he was kind of the 100 on the IQ test of stand up comics" - workmanlike but rather uninspired. And home to see Anthony win BB- well, the nicest guy won I guess even if he is thicker than my cat Java. I felt a bit sorry for Makosi but not much.

And sleep sleep. I still think I have a G8-sized sleep debt. Tomorrow Fringe Sunday and two shows booked with Andy. Anyone turning up on the Meadows?


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