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Dec. 26th, 2007 05:07 pm
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The bit I meant to write and forgot about!

It's like the Minister's Cat game..

I went to the sales and I bought..

- a purple swing coat
- a purple wool gilet thing
- purple suede BOOTS! for FIFTEEN POUNDS !! in Primark - or Freemark as my dad calls it

and I already had been given, or had bought Xmas Eve..

- purple slippers
- purple dressing gown
- 2 sets purple necklace/beads/ear rings
- purple leather gloves
- purple wooly scarf
- purple nail varnish (thanks [ profile] bugshaw!)

Do you think I should stop now??
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On Scottish swans dead of bird flu (allegedly), the Beeb newsite opines:

"The society's spokesman Andre Farrar said: "The likeliest scenario - and this has to be in the realms of speculation - is that this bird may have set off on its journey northwards, got part of the way across the North Sea, felt grotty, and landed on or fell into the sea, died and was washed into Cellardyke." "

I love that "felt grotty". What a nice change from "died of a potentially end-of-all-life-as-we-know-it over-the-top-panic-creating pandemic-Biblical-plagues scourge."

In other news, I am growing tired of Edinburgh's one-airport struggle to resist the expansion of the EC. You see, Edinburgh airport, being barely big enough to support three baggage carousels, sends all baggage originating from outside the EC from whatever flights, onto one carousel, obscurely tucked away in a moth-eaten corner. This is why last year, around September time, you found me panicking that my luggage had been misplaced en route from Wroclaw in Poland to the UK, when in fact it was merely in the wrong place, gathering dust - the airport having apparently missed the news of the accession to the EU by half of Eastern Europe some time before. OK, that was only a few months after Expansion day - they could be forgiven. But today exactly the same happened with my baggage from Malta (yes, Malta got in at the same time, Matilda - even though it's more Italo-Arabic than Slavic, and the people still seem far more excited about the Eurovision song contest than Jacques Chirac.) Bah, EC humbug.


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