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The last few days I feel I've actually learnt a lot: about all kinds of things - writing, themes, subtext, trust, friendship, playing the game, and teeth. Eventually I may write some of it down.

For now, enough to say that Serenity was really very very damn good, even after so much hype that it was almost inevitable to be a let down, and yet still wasn't: no it won't win Oscars and shouldn't, it should win a Hugo, it's defiantly genre (and sf not Western , which pleases me - v little hoaky stuff left) and it is still TV, yes, so if that's the source of some bad reviews then fair dos. No I don't think it's a mere two parter - I think it's most of a season minus all the filler episodes we'd have had...

serious spoilers )


Aug. 24th, 2005 03:21 pm
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This has in many ways been an utter Day Of Crap but here are the good things:

- made it down to HMV to catch sight of the Firefly signing with numerous and numinous cast members and La Joss himself. I was just considering joining the queue myself, when they closed it; which was probably a good thing as it would have taken an hour I absolutely didn't have. However I did find people to take Andy's box set copy of Firefly to get signed (mine is with Vincent, sigh!!)and I did get a good eyeful: Nathan Filion looks younger than I expected, Gina Torres slighter, Onara-whoever -she-is less beautiful (tho still quite) (and Joss is clearly besotted with her, so I don't expect her to be killed of in Serenity now) and Jayne looked just like Jayne!! (Joss looked just like Joss too, but, hey, I kind of expected that..)

((Joss Reel to Reel last night was chock full of good stuff and convinced me completely I Was Not Born To Be a Writer. Also a Spike movie directed by Tim Minear is apparently looking really quite likely. SQUEEE! ))

- saw cute little girlies doing Isadora Duncan type ballet in bare feet and turquoise tie dye in Princes St Gdns as I scooted back

- did *not* get caught in the intermitten downpours we're having

- bought new Jenny Colgan YAY YAY YAY and a purpley gypsy-ish silk skirt and jewelled top in River Island - the new autumn clothes are in and it's SO NICE to see some stuff that's not post sales rags..

- and best of all - managed to get rid of Chinese PhD in under 15 minutes!!!!

Now if I can just finish marking resits and stay awake till Serenity tonight!! Oh and buy more catfood!!!


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