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Nice review and memeories of some of Gene Hunt's choice one liners :-),,2052460,00.html

In other news: oh my god even my hangover has got a hangover.

Thanks to [ profile] martling for a great party and Ascension was pretty good too, as was 2 bottles of pink fizz on the Meadows between me and [ profile] thishardenedarm earlier that day, followed by Dr Who and G n T. It was a long hard day of complete decadence, but someone had to do it:->

I'm going outside now. I may be some time..


Apr. 11th, 2007 10:50 am
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Wow -- lots of food for thought here..

Best write up I have seen on LJ BTW is over at [ profile] grapefruitzzz's..
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After a strong start to this series, I've found these last few episodes rather lacklustre - there's nothing wrong with the plots as such, but it's felt like we're just killing time waiting for the end - no real new info on whether Sam is insane, time travelling,in a coma etc etc; no progress with him and Annie (deliberate according to the SFX interviews but rather frustrating), a sense of resignation by Sam rather than him really trying to get home, the rather pat coincidence of meeting Maya's mother in last week's ep, no genuine sense of imminent risk.. I dunno if it's deliberate but it's made me feel they were right to stop at two series, certainly.

The villainous too "professional" stand-in DCI this time seemed like he could be interesting, but in the end told us nothing really. The suggestion that Sam was there for a "reason", to "sort this lot out" was , I suspect, a false track - too Quantum Leap to indicate a real ending.. Although what would that reason be? To promote women? to oppose racism? to stamp out the Gene Hunts of this world? surely not!!

Also does anyone else (I'm looking at you Pete :-) feel that Gene's gone a bit "Dorothy" the last few eps - opening up about his brother, appealing to Sam to trust him and his team to love him? Let's end things now before they start hugging and wearing Starsky cardigans..

Oh, and I thought Gene was Basil Brush :) didn't remember Tufty! (Maybe I was too traumatised?)

BTW I'm on the L o M panel at eastercon Friday night, and running the sf film panel at 6.30 that day - and on an LJ panel on Saturday. How much of a cliche am I??:-P


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