Skins s 3

Feb. 17th, 2009 12:22 am
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It's really a bit shit isn't it?

Two almost identical episodes of the kind of person I'd leave the country to avoid making a tit of himself trying to get laid.

Two almost identical apisodes of teen parties getting out of hand because - gosh - people take too many drugs.

The only redeeming feature so far has been the part episode about the Congolese gentle polite boy - but I have a feeling he is about to be homogenised.

Sigh. Anyone want to disagree please, before I give up?

I want Cassie back..
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.. and probably a good thing really if my liver was to survive!

Friday night was Madame Butterfly, at the Playhouse, with the ubiquitous [ profile] guyinahat plus [ profile] laserboy and [ profile] babydyke_82. I *think* the only proper opera I'd been to before was The Magic Flute (oddly, twice) - and it wasn't REALLY proper cos it was in English, without surtitles, like. (Surtitles , I in fact discovered, make my neck hurt. But that may partly have been because Guy had got us such fabby seats, right at the front.) Anyay the opera was very restful, very moving in places - although unlike Ellie I did *not* cry till my mascara ran down my cheeks :-P - and I loved the orchestral "interlude" which symbolised Butterfly's ordeal waiting in vain for her lover to come to her. Afterwards we all trooped off to [ profile] andabuser's excellent party, but sadly I flaked out shortly after the orgy had started about 3am, and got a taxi home :).

Saturday was the much awaited Portishead gig, with me, Guy, V, and [ profile] dalglir. This was more a religious pilgrimage for me than a gig really - I'm of the generation that took the first Portishead album twice a`day as a mood enhancing drug. (I'll never forget my rather prim co-editor C telling me that it was her teenage son's favourite album "!because he'd never found better shagging music." Taking her advice, I put this knowledge to good effect myself in 96 in Chicago.:)

I hadn't totally got into the new album yet but the tracks they played live actually sounded better than on album I think. And Beth Gibbons wailing heartrendingly over Numb and Mysterons is just as wonderful as ever. V was frustrated that they never`really rocked out - but hell this was Portishead . i wish I'd had a candle to light. It was Just Great, very nostalgic and I'm really grateful to Guy (again!!!) for getting us cheap tickets.

Inbetween all this I've discovered season 1 of Skins on Virgin/teleport Replay and become totally obsessed. OMG. I don't quite agree with V that it's simply pedophile porn - I maintain I don't really fancy any of the boys (but Cassie and Michelle look great) but it sure looks good, and is hellaciously funny in places. More than anything I think I like the portrayal of the ADULTS as just as fucked up, clueless, horny, self destructive and confused as the teens. That's something Skins is hitting on the nail - various bits reminded me uncomfortably of my own geberation of kidults - and which most "adult" drama , obsessed as it is with uber-beautiful 20-30 year olds and heroic cops and doctors, comnpletely fails to portray. I've only got to ep 7 and I won't be back in Teleport Replay land till May so i think I may have to go out and buy the DVD!!!

EDIT: I've just located my prized copy of Dummy. On CASSETTE. Remember those??!


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