Jun. 3rd, 2008 12:58 am
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Predictably I now feel more awake (and indeed, more hungry) than i have for 10 days..

So expect some mock profundities to take you through the dreamtime(or hopefully not - have taken sleep amphetamine thing..)

Cultural catch up no 1. I want to marry Charlie Brooker (possibly in a polyamorous relationship with Stephen Moffat and Peter Petrelli - god is he hot this series...)

"The gap between your stupid face and cold hard reality is increasing all the time. We plod down the street holding remote conversations with voices in little plastic boxes. We slump in front of hi-def panels watching processed, graded, synchronised imagery. We wander through made-up online worlds, pausing occasionally to chew the fat with some blue-skinned tit in a jester's hat. We watch time and space collapse on a daily basis. Our world is now running an enhanced, expanded version of reality's vanilla operating system.

As a result, it's all too easy to feel like a viewer of - rather than a participant in - your own life. And living at one remove can be crippling. You spend more time internally criticising your own actions, like a snarky stoner ripping the piss out of a bad movie, than actually knuckling down and doing stuff."

Couldn't say better myself. The reflective self - who fucking needs it? (as Lee from The Apprentice might say..)

Which takes us to catching up with The Apprentice - I'm not nearly as original as Brooker's insights naturally, but fuck, it sudenly becoms crystal clear that this is not just the car crash fascination of reality tv, but the acutest yet most opaque examination of class in British society we currently have. No wonder we're glued. And omg what a set up!! dumping posh Rafe by not letting useless Michael be project manager and thus denying him another week to fuck up!!! Not very subtle Surallen.

My money's, unfortunately, on Lee; Surallen is fed up with women winning, otherwise I'd say Clare. Dreamboat Alex is too young, too polite and too nice ( I expect him to be on Pop Idol by Tuesday) and I think SurA would rather pull out own oesophagus than work with Lucinda (whom I actually like best). And I can never remeber who Helene is, which probably means she'll actually win..

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WOW. Just caught this on BBC3 and it's not just good like everyone said, it's bloody brilliant. When they said "new BBC comedy with a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf flatsharing" , I thought yes, you could do something slight and palely funny along those high concept lines, sort of Robin's Nest meets The IT Crowd , lots of sly Goth references to spice up the old flatmate left-over condom and embarrassing toilet-lid jokes.

Well this is a bit of that actually, but mostly it isn't. It isn't a comedy at all, except of the blackest wryest saddest kind and really they should stop advertising it as such. It looks like the best British attempt at an Angel type series yet - only actually, and remarkably, not that derivative. No fussing around with vampire or mythic minutiae - I like the werewolf being Jewish though - but lots of intriguing reference to death, afterlife, conscience, how to live like normal people, and meanwhile a vampire (vampure?) jihad clearly on the way. If it's anything , it's Black Books meets Ultraviolet with a bit of Greenberg the Vampire (graphic novel) - dark and cold but also fun and glittery and a soupcon of the modern surveillance paranoia thriller too - and I can't WAIT till they commision the series. Oh, and btw, my GOD the vampire is hot :)

Actually I'm knee deep in good tv right now. Oddly, being in London for three days at a hotel rather than staying at Alison's as per usual gave me a chance to catch up on some of this. For those who haven't noticed (most of you it appears), Moving Wallpaper is definitely the best satire on media hacks since Drop The Dead Donkey and shamefully, I'm even getting into the companion soap Echo Beach now. The shtick is that MW describes how the writers and production team , chaotically, put the soap together, which in itself is essentially a Cornish version of Home and Away, featuring Jason Donovan horribly aged and Tiff'ny from Eastenders. The great po mo trick is that tropes from the satirical part - eg the older demoralised writer being fed up with how cute young women say they want caring nice men but then throw themselves at bastards who treat them badly - find their way seamlessly into the soap scripts. It's very funny and very clever.

Also recently caught up on the first two eps of The Last Enemy which is I think Sunday Beeb 1 at 9 I think. It's another in the honorable British line (mentioned above) of smart modern surveillance-state complicated conspiracy dramas, and as such, does nothing especially new but does what it does damn well. The plot is essentially a Warning To Us All about the dangers of the National ID Database and there are some fabulous graphic mock ups of a system called Total Information Awareness which are so good I'm going to extract them from iViewer tomorrow and use them for my class on cyberlaw and surveillance in 2 weeks time (the writers are, one assumes, too well researched not to have known this was the real name of the US system suggested but eventually dumped post 9/11).

It's saved from being just coals to Newcastle for me and the tin foil hat brigade by its USP - namely that the protagonist is a mathematician and convincingly (though not explicitly named as such) borderline Aspergers. Anyone here will recognise the slightly clumsy physicality, the social frailness, the obsessive hints. I found this rather unusual (and unusually intelligent) hero poignantly and recognisably out of his depth, and the sex scene in ep 1 had real power and pathos for not being a conventional Hollywood coupling. I like this an awful lot so far.

All of the above are way better than Ashes to Ashes and Torchwood but I'm still quite enjoying them too. Good grief! Do you think the Brit writers decided to make the most of the US writer's strike to show off what they could do??
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Never worse. Do not bother.

They're trying to make Stephen Mangan into a kind of don't care Seinfeld type - but his shallow charm just turns it into appalling bad taste. Jack Dee can do it; Stephen much as I liked him in Green Wing, can't.
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.. which has now finally transmuted itself into proper head cold, swollen glands and all. Blech. I now feel justifiably ill enough to watch daytime TV..

Question is do I go get antibiotic now, or wait for the inevitable chest infection??

As usual not only am I sick, but also household objects - big frontroom TV has long had amusing habit of refusing to turn on intermittently (it's a slow process of decay; first it doesn't turn on with remote, then it doesn't turn on even manually.) and occasionally turning itself off and on during programmes.

TV man came this morning and said he wasn't sure what it was (I suggested power supply) without taking it to workshop, which will cost £75 to £85 and that is presumably without any new parts (do TV s have parts these days? I lose track. This is antediluvian non flat screen - well, 7 years old).

Also Woolworths rang to say that they fucked up taking down credit card details for Wii, so could I give them all again, ve-ry, ve-ry slowly?? Hence Wii will not be here by weekend oh no. Bah. This is the same shop where although I paid by credit card in normal way, they then WROTE ALL THE DETAILS DOWN BY HAND AS WELL (while queue accumulated). When asked why, cretin 13 yr old assistant, said (while trying to work out how to spell "and") "I dunno, it's just how we do it here."

There are reasons why Woolworths is not confusable with M & S. Dear lord let them be taken over by Waitrose or someone..

Am I better to cut losses and buy new digital flatscreen thingy now, rather than throw away money on possibly non productive repair on 7 year old TV? I know what You Lot will all say , but I am somewhat bad-cash-flowish right now and not that desperate for advanced tech..

Plis to end chocolate and/or things to amuse me kthxbai?

Oh in lieu of anything other than grumpiness, has everyone seen Cory's "What if Google turned evil story?".


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