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You can't ask for much more than seeing a zombie strewn Victorian London demolished by a giant otter. Teledu, eat your heart out:) Yes that was Famished, an amateur fringe musical with some of the creaks that entails, but still loadsa fun, with a nascent Terry Gilliam in there somewhere (the otter was animated, naturellement, in a rather Gilliam meets machinima style). Anne was high on sake, me sunk with tiredness and too much wine at lunch, Christina was fleeing back to Penicuik. And Andy was at a different Victorian musical just round the corner.

Whew, that's been a helluva last weekend of the Fringe. Ian and Yvonne and random children and [ profile] julia_winolj; [ profile] catabolism and [ profile] estimate_lad; Anne and Mike (winolj, allegedly:); a guest appearance by [ profile] elseware, causing havok right now no doubt.. and a cast of thousands, maybe 100s of thousands, all getting in my way - but I do loves it really.

O RLY? Yes I come to this conclusion every year. I'm supposed to be jaded by the Fringe, appalled by the English tourists, dismayed at the crowds and the kitsch and the anti-eco flyer mountains and the indifferent weather. But really, there's nothing like it. Edinburgh's a small city dwarved by a fucking huge festival - where the locals actually buy about 60% of the seats. Beat that, Cologne.

At gedrunken lunch today, I met Maureen Lipman. We'd been loudly complaining about how we hadn't seen anyone famous around the place, not even Tom Hanks, but who wants to meet Tom Hanks anyway, he's been manky ever since that AIDS movie. So Maureen helpfully came and said hi. And her new man - because remember, Jack Rosenthal died a few years back - was Glasgow Jewish, and he knew my grandpa- "Alec Evsovitch huh? He used to make my trousers when I was a nipper", and my dad. Small world, huh. She even asked me what kind of law I was a professor of.

And yesterday, when I couldn't stop crying after Once, the best film I've seen in years, the Irish producer said sympathetically, ", Yes, it gets to a lot of people like that" and gave me a free copy of the soundtrack. So now it's in my head, the soundtrack of this Festival, take this sinking boat and pull it home, we've still got time.

So I sit at the bus stop, buffetted by strangers politely inquiring of each other if the 23 goes to Craiglockhart (answer: no) and where is Waitrose, and listen to the snatches of conversation on the mobile phones.

" out of the film at 10"

".. maybe after we've seen Ricky Gervais?"

"..god and remember him? the incredibly drunk one?"

".. so maybe we'll see you there?"

and the inevitable

". seen anything good?"

And I love it. I love it. Three weeks of people being Dionysian, sharing events and culcha and food and drink and sex and strangers and recommendations and "have you seens", instead of moaning, jobs, floods, weather, Blair, Brown, crises, jihads, emo. Oh, the stand ups do that stuff. But it's not what people are talking about to EACH OTHER about - for this halcyon interval.

And I hums the soundtrack from Once that I've played three times already, and I'll miss this, I'll miss this.

Tomorrow Fuerzabruta. And that's it. Sigh :(
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THis was where I took yesterday's pictures:-)

I thougt this was going to be just another stand up, having picked up a a spare ticket from Snotnose and knowing it was a sell out as he'd won the Perrier the year before. In the event it turned out it was the last show of the run; the Beeb were filming it; it was hopelessly over running so it started after midnight and went on till after one; and the guy who was clearly mad on speed./ all this added up to an INTERESTING evening. It was meant to be a story about passive resistance in Amsterdam, but he kept diverging into talking about fucking and fisting, people walked out in droves, hecklers wandered on to the stage, there was nearly a fight, then he took all his clothes off to make some kind of a point, then it turned out he'd got HUNDREDS of people to wander around and on stage naked giving out flowers and singing "No more war".

I felt I got my money's worth:)
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.. in both life and the Fringe - which this year has been, so far, engaging, but contained nothing I'd say was "must see" - is Eurobeat, which is basically a pastiche of Eurovision extraordinarily well done. Admittedly it's like shooting fish in a barrel, but fuck is it well done (why don't they just enter THIS as the UK entry!!), and the audience seem to think they're at the real thing, or possibly a football match!! Adele and I were deemed to be part of la jurie de Grece, and voted for Germany who do a pin point Kraftwerk impression, but were wildly out-voted - Estonia, the most outrageously camp song of them all won by a whisker (I suspect Estonia wins most nights:) I also hear half the gay population of the Burgh was there on their third return visit (my Euro-gay informant P just texted me t say he's going for round 3 on Monday.) So GO GO GO it is fabuloso and I bet is sells out v v shortly :-)

In other news, 3 chavs are arguing loudly at the foor of my stair brandishing classic lengths of wood. I'd be more alarmed if they weren't midgets aged about 14..
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Personalised LOL-Lj Generator!

via purelyskindeep

Marcus Brigstocke v v g as long you're an atheist non-American who doesn't read the Daily Mail or drive a 4 X 4 - which of course would be no-one reading this journal:-)
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More polished than last year, but maybe not as viscerally funny.. but still irreverent and infectiously cheeky, shifting in and out of various Irish and Scots accents and taking the piss out of religion, whether it's Islam or good ol Irish sectarianism.. the story of how the IRA became his agent is a classic. He continues to remind me of various Irish sf fans, which is no bad thing:-)

I may have over done it - after feeling hyper-well yesterday, have retired home exhaustedly to cough, take Night Nurse, and eat Waitrose kedgeree - which is no bad at all!
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Oh my lord. For those who follow the Tomster, his own account of his show so far..

The Bedlam Theatre Oxford Uni version of Stoppard's Arcadia was superb, if very slightly rushed - it's such a dense text, it's like watching The West Wing without a rewind button. Almost two hours with no interval, take water in with you :-) Especially good parts taken by the young Thomasina (I didn't get the actor's names) and Lady Groom, played a little a la Catherine Tate I think. I saw the original London production in 93 and I think this Thomasina actually takes a better part than the pro actress on the London stage. The main female actress's approach is interestingly modelled, I think on Felicity Kendal, Stoppard's leading lady since the 90s, and predominant muse of the time. Proper thoughts on the actual text which is a tour de force on art, science, love, sex, history, literature, po-mo and fractal theory, to follow. I think it's a sell out , but if not, go!!

Then to The Bacchae at ye actual proper Festival, helas, with the much-trumpeted (hmm) Alan Cumming's bum, playing Dionysus the wine god as a Glasgow semi-transvstite dancer (from Olympia not Transylvania, but..). The Greek chorus are transformed into a Tamla Motown line up of glamorous black songstresses in shimmy red dresses, an inspired move (all the dull chorus stuff is turned into songs), and Cumming brilliantly uses his past associations with Glasgow panto and high camp to shift effectively between the louche and the threatening. Dionysus IS a rock god after all - and here that's how he's played, , mike, groin action and all, at least for the first hour or so. The staging is visually brilliant especially on an almost wholly uncluttered white stage (now i think about it, much of it looks like a White Stripes video), the eventual apparition of divinity revealed is almost perfectly done using intense lighting. But the pace drags - it's almost 2 hours with no interval (again! and even hotter! they do give you free paper fans as you go in..)and although David Greig's translation into quasi-Glasgow-gangster poetry is on the whole pithy and evocative, it's just too damn long, especially the "emo" 2nd half (this adjective somehow strikes me as just right suddenly for the Greek drama obsession with rending of garments and tearing of hair).

It was interesting seeing it with Andy who knew nothing of the Greek theatre tropes of all violence off stage, and of unity of place, theme and action. "Why does everything important get reported by someone else?" he said. Well, indeed. (MInd you JKR was still having problems with this in the last Harry Potter and she isn't even Greek.) In some ways this production for all its glitzy chorus is probably still too traditional. I certainly think they'd do better to cut some of the later lamentation scenes with Agave. It'd be interesting to hear what other classical scholars heading this way think of it ([ profile] childeric?)

And on to traditional piss up with Shouting Book Club (part of) : talking loudly over each other, vilifying the Filmhouse wine list and showing each other phone cam pix. We'll all have lunch and go to see Warhol. Home sweet home:-)


Aug. 8th, 2007 01:34 pm
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In bed. Head has reached balloon stage then deflated slightly under soothing influence of lemsip. I can now type lying on back with laptop balanced on breasts!!! Cats most confused.

Spent yesterday in bed too. is sunny. Should I get up? Such malingering unnatural. however have to save strength for German Humour tonight..

Rich Hall last night even more fabulous than usual. He can share my lesbian spank babies with Stephen Moffat. Adam Hills a bit meh ie no new material, basically, but he makes you feel HAPPY. That's a real gift.
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Wired calls for the OS community to build a non proprietary social networking site a la Facebook.

But er isn't that LJ??

In other news: in bed with a bad head cold after a fairly sleepless night. Throat is sore and tummy weird. Pah!!!

Have to be ok by tonight as have tickets to see Adam Hills and Rich Hall with Snotnose's gang!!!

Last night: first show, Sean Lock, pretty good if a tad Anglocentric. JOkes about what a shit summer it's been ("only not such a surprise for you lot I suppose?"), the environment (ve-ry Home Counties), the smoking ban ("yes you've had it for a year here already but it's material isn't it?") I felt slightly embarrassed for himn. Very smooth comedy though. Also luverley yakitori, gyoyza and yakisoba at Bonsai. mm. One bottle of Sapporo made me feel v strange tho so i went home to cough and sniffle :(

Weekend past was lovely; [ profile] lilitufire's welcome home lunch at Pancho Villas (shame I went to Viva Mexico first, wasn't it!!); King Kong and pizza at Andy's new and rather nice flat, surrounded by an infinity of boxes plus hyperactive ginger kitten; lots and lots of SLEEP; late lunch at Urban Angel with [ profile] thishardenedarm and his pal "Don't Tell the Google" Ish at Urban Angel, dodging the Fringe parade traffic, and a long wistful walk through an almost autumnal Edinburgh past the galleries of Dundas Street and the restaurants of Stockbridge, along the Water of Leith and beyond the Modern Art Gallery. Came back and saw my first ep of Studio 60, which was brill - how long has it ben on C4?
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.. but not this second!

Meanwhile the important stuff :-)

I have already booked

Marcus Brigstocke 2oth aug
German Humour 7,45 pm Holyrood 2 (Wed)
Ukelele Orchestra (w Best Pal)
Teeth (film)
Once (film)
Adam Hills
Rich hall
Arcadia (only on to 11th) 4pm Bedlam (w Andy)(FRI 10th)

I definitely plan to go see

Potted Potter 1pm PLeasance
Andrew Maxwell 8.20pm Pleasance (Andy?)(TUes 14th?)
Tommy Sheridan's chat show 7.15pm Guilded balloon (Guy, [ profile] loveandgarbage ?)
London Underground Song people 11th-18th only, 7pm/9pm Medina
Fuerzabruta various times, Ocean Terminal Black tent, £25 but apparently worth it! ([ profile] purelyskindeep?)
Mousewings Mon 20th 12.50 Bedlam (hi [ profile] ripperlyn !

I would like to see

Mitch Benn 23.00 Underbelly (2 hrs long apparently!)
Phil Kay, 6.45pm/22.30 Guilded Balloon (prob w V)
High School Musical 6-11th only C Chambers St, 5pm (Rachel, when u going?)
Midsummer's Trees (outside Dean Gallery thing) (w Adele)


Lacrimosa Aurora Nova 2.20pm £13
Wooster Group (V?)
Almost anything else at Aurora Nova

Anyone want to come along.. suggestions..!

I'm so unhip - I've lived in Edinburgh 18 years and I still get excited by the Fringe!!:-)


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