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another go? i asked it to cross post automatically..
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Does this work? (Not that obvious..)

And this'll be the last I do with it for a while!!

(THinks: they could at least have added more moods - and only 1 user icon? )


May. 4th, 2009 04:11 pm
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OK, I'm here. Don't expect anything much else for quite some while (if ever), though..
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I can't bear it..

I've just spent FIVE SECONDS finding out that Octopussy first edition does indeed sell for about £120 - and that a new medical skeleton sells for about £189..

Haven't ANY of these people ever used Google??!!

EDIT: I'm so with Margeret..

EDIT: Wow!!!! Spectacular meltdown!!! If Surallen lets Ben off this he really must have a schizophrenic view of himself as a young man..
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Another gem from the Evil Mad Scientist lab: edible circuit diagrams that help you visualize the delicious results of your electronic experiments: "Any number of chocolate-bar-like foods can be made into edible versions of integrated circuits. Kit Kat, Twix, and Mini Charleston Chews are small components that make good models of integrated circuits in long, skinny packages. Chocolate covered graham crackers are another good option. The aspect ratio is good for doing large-scale models of (e.g.) 8-pin DIP packages; These are the ones that we made into 555s."

Circuitry Snacks (via IZ Reloaded)
Watching the det(f)ectives
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Thougt: I've only just discovered antivirals (as opposed to antibiotics) exist via numerous shots of Tamiflu stockpiled against alleged flu pandemics.

So why can't I have one NOW?

Cough cof

Signed, Patient Zero of Nether Edge

ps GOD the Doves are good :)
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Back from London, where I had an extremely intense 24 hours of reviewing papers and external examining and for the first time in two weeks, subsequent boozing from 4.30 onwards, with result that I ended up back in hotel room at 10 ish, shaking, coughing and alnost unable to breathe. Dramatic! It was all good fun though, except the collapsing bit. Somehow the sun, the vague ever present sense of illness, and magical codeine brought by courier after emergency phone calls to Best German Lesbian Pal added a rather surreal tint to proceedings (not unhelped by dinner in Strada where clientele was hundreds of 12 year old girls , succeeded (thank the goddess) by several rizque hen parties, one I'm sure mostly drag). I think I discovered that friend A (yet another of my flock of Andy's) was now writing a column on Internet law for The Sun. Wtf?!

"Which of these women would you fancy if you were a lesbian?" demanded Best German Lesbian Pal of straight married monogamous A, pointing at a table of 6 hen-partied up actual women. "Er none of them?" said A, sweating. "Right answer!" said J, "They're all too attractive!"

I'm not entirely sure what point she was making.. (She's also fallen in love with Edward from Twilight. I ask you..)

Saturday, I cancelled the arranged lunch with Best Other Gay Non-German Collaborator in interest of Sleep and Recovery, (and also avoided the temptation of being sucked into Plokta Central, although I did rapid-fire dictate optimistic programme items down the phone - no, I hadn't been drinking [ profile] bohemiancoast but I WAS probably high on codeine!) but actually felt much better, so wandered around Holborn and Covent Garden before getting back to Shef to relieve catsitter.

It was a rather glorious day, and I felt blissfully free, free from work commitments , from illness and even (don't get this wrong) free from the usual social commitments I arrange in London with the attached duty to be alert and entertaining. I *schmooried*, ancient Jewish Glasgow word for just bobbed along, happy as bubbles. Brunch outside Chez Gerard, coffee & cake on the steps of Covent Garden watching the fun people having fun, and goodies from Lush and HMV (I did my bit for the record industry by actually BUYING CDs - new Doves, Killers, Paul Weller - I don't know why I didn't buy the DVD of Being Human too,what kind of mad meannness struck me that I decided to go hom and see if it was cheaper on Amazon? I could have it NOW!)

Oh and in middle of all this I FELL DOWN. yes just TRIPPED outside Karen Millen , to great aghastness at own stupidity and on being helped up discovered had broken leg. OK not quite but is bloody sore and AGONY if twisted in wrong direction. This makes going down steps, sitting on toilet (!), putting on jeans etc extraordinarily difficult. OH DEAR!!! Is there any thing I should do? walking is possible and actually seems to make things better not worse so am assuming nothing broken, but something (tendon??) has gone into spasm and movement is relaxing it a bit. Any more suggestions?! I might go talk to the para medics next door - they've promised to fix my computer viruses anyway..

Yes my life really is this odd. Get over it already.. I'm off now to ask Ex Housemate's advice on where to go from Hong Kong on, and then hopefully to fillum of some kind (lots happening: In the Loop, State of Play, Swedish vamp flick - any recs??)

Advice welcome from here too : the story so far. Going on werk trip to Oz then HK, in early to mid June. Would have liked to go back to Oz after, but on looking at map is really a bit crazy. Want a few days to a week after, somewhere lovely, with water, and fish and stuff, and manageable for lone English speaking woman who doesn't want to be backpacker/get hassled - seems mad to have ticket like this, and not use it for Fun.

Friend A squared (OK, Andrea) suggests Singapore as she's going there for more work after HK - but on looking, Singapore is also south of HK (wrong for sensible flights) and not that exciting. Maldives and Seychelles will both be into monsoon season and are also really in wrong place. Kerala is possible? Angkor Wat (Cambodia) and Laos both much recommended, but not sure about hassle/lone woman/relaxation factor. Now considering Chiang Mai (though this breaks unwritten rules of New Places as went to Thailand LAST year. But only Southern Thailand... and is in exact right place for breaking trip on way back.)

[ profile] peteyoung what do you think? Any recs for lovely place to stay in Chiang Mai with nice pool?? Is it nice place for lone traveller? looks it on Internet..

ps Eddie Izzard is TOURING!!! Sheffield, 25 Oct. Sheffield people/[ profile] ang_grrr, etc, wanna go?? Expect will sell out fast!

pps who wants to be on the Being Human panel at #plokta then??

ppps anyone fancy one of the new-ish "adult" festivals for this sunmer, with theatre and comedy as well as bands?? the Guardian is full of em. I fancy Big Chill , 6-9 August, Malvern (Tim Minchin! David Byrne! Dylan Moran!) a lot, and Latitude 16-19 July ,Suffolk (Where IS Suffolk??) quite a bit ( Nick Cave/Pet Shop Boys/loadsa interesting theatre/ballet!/Ben Moor!!.)

Guy/Nuala/Andrea/Chris n Doug/Cambridge folks/Maggie & Spam?? I could try camping for the first time ever!!!


Apr. 25th, 2009 04:11 pm
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van in covent garden playing pop and blowing bubbles. Why?! Everyone happy in sun. Is like the summer of love! Just designed half the Plokta programme by remove control.:)


Apr. 25th, 2009 12:42 pm
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having brunch in the run in Covent garden outside Chez Gerard. Life could be worse!:)
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Sat down to watch The Apprentice having not had any tea or much to eat all day - not much appetite since I've been ill.

20 minutes in, mmm! think I'll have a bowl of cereal..

40 minutes in oh maybe another..

Programme finishes. Maybe just another spoonful!

And they say that advertising doesn't work!

Who it that Kimberley reminded me of so much? Convinced it must be some American fan..
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Still ill. Too knackered to write about it except that I went to walk in NHS clinic yesterday and was v impressed with the hi tech diagnostics. So apparently I have no chest infction, no urine infection nada - it's just a really vile virus. Apparemtly some people have had it for THREE MONTHS said nice nurse. Oh good grief!!

Anyway purpose of post. Helpful [ profile] ladymoonray says some people are aolready writing on DreamWidth and not cross posting here. I'm not there yet and at tis rate may not be for a while - so if you've moved to posting there and not here could you wave your hand??

I would like an invite code if anyone has one, but judging from the apparent demand I won't hold my breath...

I still really have to go to London Thurs night to be external examiner unless actually dead - but I suspect I won't be up for any socialising at this rate. Sigh!!

Howvere I've been able to fall over outside last tree days, cats are gambolling in the sun and next door neighbour has fired up the garden barbie already! so not bad for April..
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Sorry to be so useless but things not been very normal round here computer wise and I've still not been well enoufh to be at work.

Got Internet today finally, and due to all the confusion was not proitected by up to date A-virus for a few hours - now think has horrible viruses as both Firefox and something called Win 32-something keep crashing/giving me errors - and when I went to one site all sorts of warnings appeared. I tried to remove the viruses it said were there , but this required donwloading a file called setup.exe (yeh, helpful:) and bloody AVG tgen told me not to trust THAT - so I have no idea if that was actually an attack, a joke or whatever.

Now AVG won't let me in to the server to update the definition database.

What do i do???
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Help, am trying to urgently get up to date email addresses for Juliette and Damien ([ profile] dalmeny and [ profile] dmw and G and Z ( [ profile] electricant and [ profile] i_ate_my_crusts as don't think emails sent to LJ addresses are reaching them (or possibly buried in little used email boxes) and it's a bit long for adding as a comment!

Alternatively Claire Fishlifter's email address - which, no, I also don't have - and have just moved and have next to no fnzs here.. I know pathetic isn't it!! And no a Google for Claire's address still only brings up stuff from most recemtly 2005!

Looking at my address book makes me realise the only people I actually personally email nowadays are contrinutors to the effing b***&&^%%k!!

Em will scan comments if I can remember how..

In other news have written Twitter conrep for Plokta; am still ill, was horribly ill high fever meltdown last night while [ profile] julia_winolj was here last night in fact, sorreeee... Better today but finding GP tomorrow, somehow.

Sky phone line does not seem to be working so STILL no internet..; bought new laser printer (yay) but have yet to have energy to get it out of box (boo); have rewritten many many privacy chapters; first fight with new HoD on Tues, methinks; sigh. But SUN today, read stuff outside, which was nice :)

Does anyone REALLY think we need a new Reggie Perrin? I like Martin Clunes and can see him as good casting, and I know david Nobbs is nvolved, but the trailer looked and sounded awful :(
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Thinking of running out to Staples to buy printer quickly - fed up with not having decent printing at home, esp whejn feeling too poorly to go into work..
Anything crucial to avoid? I just want reasonable quality printing at reasonable speed - nothing fancy tho duplo might be nice.
Does it make any difference for catridge costs which make I buy??

Pirate Bay

Apr. 17th, 2009 04:44 pm
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You have to love these people just for this.

""It's so bizarre that we were convicted at all and it's even more bizarre that we were [convicted] as a team. The court said we were organised. I can't get Gottfrid out of bed in the morning. If you're going to convict us, convict us of disorganised crime."

Apparently Stephen Fry might be on NewsNight tonight. that would be fun:)

No I'm not reading proper news on it - too depressing! I fel better to day and surprise the privacy chapters look a bit better too :) Oh and the sun is out! I have red tulips!

Also have picked up Sky broadband router and theoretically I do nao haz the Internetz. Wait for yowls of pain later when I raise the energy to install it..
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This seemed so apposite after various conversations before and after the Twitter panel at Eastercon, and in particular latterly with [ profile] fishlifter and [ profile] bohemiancoast that I thought I'd quote at length..

Watch out for Bitter!! Coming to Plokta, maybe :-)

"The number of people using Twitter in February jumped a dramatic 700% compared to the same month last year, reported ComScore. And who's largely behind that huge increase? Well, it's not the teen set. It's not even twenty-somethings or thirty-somethings, according to the online researcher.

Online researcher ComScore found that people between 45- and 54-years-old are 36% more likely than other age groups to use Twitter, making them the highest rated age group, followed by 25- to 34-year-olds, who are 30% more likely to Tweet out updates about their life and work.

What's notable about this is that traditionally, the people who first populate social networking sites - think Myspace and Facebook - are, well, younger. Much younger. Teens talking about school and dating, and posting pictures of pool parties and proms got Myspace off to its meteoric start.

But older users - you know, the ones who've been able to vote for 15 years or more - are now diving into social networking. Just last month, Hitwise Pty., which measures online traffic, reported that Facebook's audience of people over the ripe old age of 35 increased by 23% in February compared to February 2008. While the social network was launched to serve college students, Facebook has broadly expanded that audience over the past year to include many middle-aged folks.

"The skew towards older visitors, although perhaps initially surprising for a social media site, actually makes more sense than you might think at first," wrote Radwanick. "With so many businesses using Twitter, along with the first generations of Internet users "growing up" and comfortable with technology, this is a sign that the traditional early adopter model might need to be revisited. Not only teenagers and college students can be counted among the 'technologically inclined', which means that trends are much more prone to take off in older age segments than they used to."
Twitter traffic skyrockets, thanks to middle-age tweeters | ITworld
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I can hardly complain compared to poor [ profile] bugshaw, I know, but almost completely predictably, I just knew I was getting some kind of bug, even as I threw myself into the car to drive to exotic and only an hour away Bradford.. Stopping work leads to relaxation leads to BUG, it never fails..:( Also feeling ill while being at con when comfy room is in overflow hotel 3 miles away, at end of rather dubious bus service, is pretty much made of fail. Thanks for the lie down time, Alison and Steve:)

Oh well. I had a lovely if slightly sedate Friday night, by dint of sitting in one chair, not moving AT ALL, and letting a string of nice people I hadn't seen for way too long (inc. gummitch, pigeonhed, Dave Hicks, godlike Anders, james-non-b, Ms Hazard) buy me red wine while we reminisced about how hot we all were in the Eighties:) (Well, except Abi who wasn't even BORN then. ha.).

But today my vague sense of crappiness turned worse on me, making me hot in the bad way, sweaty, grumpy, droopy and several other of the less desirable seven dwarves. Did two panels, one which felt just like work (copyright and fan stuff, kinda - we made Cory D an honorary panellist:) and one where the Internet audience apparently twice outnumbered the IRL audience!! I expect this at Virtual Worlds conferences, but not at Eastercon fan fund panels! Despite this no one seemed impressed with my suggestion that in future TAFF trip reports should be sent real time as a series of Twitters...

I probably shouldn't agree to be on fan programming that takes itself at all seriously anymore, my heart just isn't in it. I was always a FIJAGH not FIAWOL kinda gal anyway, and in an era where we can all talk everyday by instant communication in so many media, where I regularly hang out anf work with colleagues from the US, Australia and Europe, in the flesh or otherwise, I just find it hard to take this ritualised world of fanzines and TAFF and GUFF and Doc Weir awards and slower-than-light communication more seriously than, well, an interesting archaic ossified ritual. Sorry guys..

[ profile] catabolism's (very good) conrep of Year of the Teledu, some 18 months back , in the new Head (yes! for real!) reminded me what a blindingly fun and innovative and participative convention that was. Compared to it, this Eastercon feels like being thrust back into the 1950s. It's my first sf con in a year, and in the meantime my IT law conferences have come to feel more like sf conventions in terms of new cool stuff and sensawunda than, well, sf cons. (And considering this is a James Bacon con, what little I've seen - little indeed I know - has seemed startlingly (sic) conventional. Where is Tobes (or even John Coxon) naked and strapped to a cross? Where are the review panels where we vote with our arses? Where are the giant screens up showing Tweetfall tracking #eastercon? Where was the smart whiteboard I needed for this afternoon's panel, even.

Instead, we seem to have as many excuses as possible for the girls to wear corsets (and eat chocolate - slight contradiction there) and the men steampunk waistcoats. I like dressing up as much as the next girl but the niches of what kind of dressing up is prescribed seem to get ever narrower... Where is the punk evening? the 80s evening? the Dr Who evening, even. Does it always gave to be Victoriana, just like it's always a new adaptation of Jane Austen or Dickens on tv??

(And no, #Plokta, the idea of an evening full of plus size women trying to look like schoolgirls doesn't thrill me much either actually and seems verging on the tasteless. Maybe if I was into anime or porn or size 10 or something. Bring back pirates and James Bond evenings..)

EDIT : I hear it's actually dress as your favourite children's character. That's great!!! Bags i be a Moomin!!

Ah well the Midland is lovely (thanks for the rec, [ profile] nmg, Little Miss Sunshine was great to watch again, and maybe tomorrow I'll be weller. I am determined not to leave Bradford without at least a Proper Curry (the Cedar Ct not-so-cheap slop was Ok first time, fairly nasty second and unthinkable third time so I ate cheese instead..) I fancy Extreme Art - more like the YOTT programming that - and maybe even seeing some Actual Authors.

And maybe next month's Plokta will push conrunning back into the Noughties again :) You never know!
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Gin and tonic, pate on toast, chocolate prog on telly, working wi fi, cats on lap, creme egg to follow, and in 30 mins a massage at the thrapy place 3 doors down fron my house. Amd 4 days off.

Life doesn't get much better than this. And oh yeh there's that Bradford thing too :)


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