Mar. 27th, 2009

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I'm becoming mildly fascinated with the different ways I feel about LJ, FB and Twiter. LJ is the only one of these three where you can possibly have a multi comment debate about An Issue for sure (or even a sensible poll on what is your favourite discontinued sweetie line.)

But Twitter has it over LJ for me these days that it' is designed for the mobile life - it was set up intiially to be sent from and read via texts, and it's heading back that way now without pay barriers  (the tweetworld is awash today with excited people discovering that UK Vodafone has agreed to give Twitterers free texts). LJ is power3ed by the collective intelligence of people lonely at home or bored at work, but in both cases with acces to desktops or laptops. But there is a certain class of people nowadays - mainly academics and techies so far i think, maybe also journalists., entertainers, writers, international corporate workers - who spend much of their life as peripatetic loners , but who nonetheless congragate here and thither with others of the same type - at conferences, events, trade fairs, gigs, festivals  and so forth.  And who carry their mobile smartphone as lifeline EVERYWHERE.

For these people - and I am very much in that tribe right now - Twitter is Just Perfect. Write from your phone, read on the web, twitter behind speaker's backs feeling smug, pick what suits your wi fi or unlimited data packages as best forms of access /egress. The #thing really has become useful for me in last few weks - at #websci09, at #won09 and next I expect at #scripted and #eastercon,  the collective commentary on an event that somehow the LJ tag never is or has been - and the overall tone of Twitter (or at least my bit of it) is the ruminatively intelligent and sarcastic.

Yes you can mobile blog LJ and FB but it's just not the same. LJ is all about long text and bells and whistles which become useless on mobiles, and FB about pix and event planning which don't show well on mobile screens. The FB status update was the part I used on the move and Twitter is somehow so much better at that with its strangely intimate connections between its geeks, academics and demi hemi celebrities. People REPLY to you on twitter. FB doesn't even have threading, for heavens sake. And LJ does, but is increasingly this alienated place where there is so much to read no one bothers to reply. We've all used up our store of embarrassing stories ansd 80s recollections anyway.

Of course this is probably an early adapter thing and it'll all be lost in noise very quickly.And I SO DO NOT WANT to read the same thing tree times on FB, Twitter and LJ. If you have that little to say, use one platform!   But right now I think I love it :)

Ok you can all defriend me now :)


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